How can I use your antenna to give me a voice phone signal in an area?

Our solution works through induction and is therefore a passive solution, not a broadcast solution. The passive solution requires a cable to be attached to the phone whilst a broadcast solution requires a repeater which can only be supplied by your cellular service provider. A repeater id expensive and getting approval for an installation is more complicated.

The passive solution is often used by people in rural areas such as farmers who have no other means of obtaining a connection. It works by mounting an external antenna, with a cable that runs to either:

  • A generic adapter pad that attaches to the back of a phone. This solution takes away the mobility of your mobile phone and acts like a fixed telephone line. (This does not work for I-Phones as the antenna of an I-Phone is part of the outer case between the front and back covers. The technical drawing of the I-Phone antenna is available on request to further illustrate this point.)
  • Installing the antenna cable to connect to a 3G/4G router enables one to make Skype and WhatsApp calls. By plugging in a normal analogue or cordless phone (as used by fixed line operators such as Telkom) one can use the cordless phone, via the simcard in the router, to make and receive calls. This means using a second number and not the handset. In South Africa Vodacom offers “slave sims”, sim cards that only become active once you lose signal with the primary device. This is often used by farmers and affords the ability to stay connected via a single number although switching between the cellular phone and an analogue phone connected to a router.