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This tool helps you find the best antenna for strong, reliable data connections. The recommended antenna will be installed on a building or other fixed structure, ensuring it stays in place. Our antenna solution finder simplifies the selection process, making it easy to choose the right option for your connectivity needs.

As you answer questions, the tool will narrow down the products to match your preferences. The available options will update based on your responses.
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Fixed wireless access (FWA) is a technology that utilizes radio waves to deliver internet to your house or office (or any other fixed site).

Traditionally, the internet was delivered to your home or office via telephone lines (DSL) or, more recently, fiber-optic cables. FWA can provide high-speed internet to areas where cables are not available, such as remote houses, small towns, or remote businesses.

In some cases where fiber or other cable options are available, FWA is used as a failover if the cable or fiber connection doesn't work.

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