April 2020

Apr 19, 2020 | Newsletters



In this issue of To the Poynt we are introducing the new OMNI-403 and OMNI-404 antennas, smaller versions of our very popular OMNI-291 marine antenna. These new antennas have a smaller profile radome which is specifically designed for adverse marine & coastal environments. These antennas are intended to supplement and expand the range to offer more options to our customers, especially where aesthetics require a smaller antenna onboard. Please keep a lookout for the release in May 2020, which will include all the necessary technical and other related information.


With COVID-19 lockdowns still in place, our staff will be working remotely, but we will remain open for business during this period and contactable via the usual methods (telephone, email, etc.). We would like to remind you that we are still manufacturing and shipping products from our factory in China and Warehouse in the EU.
Please be safe, and good luck to everyone during these difficult times.

Video: MIMO 4X4

5G is moving towards 4×4 MIMO antenna solutions. In this short series of videos Dr Andre Fourie, Group CEO, discusses how you can construct 4×4 MIMO solutions for 5G, using 2×2 MIMO and SISO Antennas

Christoph Hilbert, ime Mobile Solutions GmbH

We are very proud to represent POYNTING in the market for far over a decade, since 2009. From the beginning we have been convinced by their absolute dedication to high performance combined with excellent quality. Those two KPIs are what our customers need to build fully reliable IoT and communication solutions. We are happily looking forward to many more years to come.