ÖAMTC improves breakdown service with POYNTING antenna


The ÖAMTC is the largest mobility club in Austria and more than 2.3 million members trust in their services. In the road emergency service, the ÖAMTC has more than 600 emergency vehicles in the field, which are equipped with the latest technical equipment, to be able to offer the maximum quality service that its members expect.

The Challenge

To be able to offer this optimal service, the employees in the vehicles of the road emergency service, must be provided with the best possible connectivity, i.e., have a permanent and uninterrupted connection to the headquarters and the Internet. ÖAMTC is now faced with the challenge of ensuring this connectivity, not only in urban areas with a very good mobile network, but also in the most remote areas with hardly any mobile network coverage. Particularly in regions with high mountains and winding valleys, this challenge can only be met with an antenna that has very good radiation characteristics and an optimal omnidirectional pattern, as the position of the breakdown service vehicle, in relation to the mobile phone transmitter cannot be foreseen.

The Solution

The choice fell on the POYNTING MIMO-1 antenna, which offers a very good compromise between performance and antenna size, since the overall height of the vehicle should not be increased by the antenna.

The MIMO-1 combines 5 antenna elements with MIMO mobile radio, MIMO WLAN & active GPS in one robust housing, which is placed on the roof of the vehicle.

In addition, low-attenuation cable sets were used in the vehicle to optimally transport the radio signals to the respective equipment in the vehicle.

The Result

Conclusion: The best connectivity for an optimal breakdown service to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.

For more information on this or similar solutions please contact BellEquip, our partner in Austria, at https://www.bellequip.at/.

The Customer Said:

“Due to the variety of radio technologies (cellular, WLAN, GPS), we had already decided in the project planning phase to bring BellEquip on board; in quotation to have an experienced partner in antenna technology at our side”.

BellEquip and POYNTING have helped us with the MIMO-1 antenna to be able to support our customers even faster and better, even in the most remote areas of Austria “ – Christoph Meindl / Michael Loidl / Christian Seidl – ÖAMTC

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