Welcome RHS Group – Romania

POYNTING Antennas is very excited to announce a new partner, RHS Group SRL based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

RHS Group was founded in 2006 and offers professional equipment and solutions for data transmissions and wireless networks in the bands from 410MHz to 60GHz. Gaining a vast practical experience in the field of communications, they set up the online store offering complete data transmission solutions. They offer a wide portfolio of professional equipment from world-renowned manufacturers establishing them as technology leaders in the local market. To keep up with the diversity and dynamics of the communications market, they provided their clients with the latest technologies in the field.

“We have chosen the partnership with POYNTING Antennas to complete our portfolio in the area of broadband wireless communication solutions.  We are impressed by the quality of their design and love for detail, which gave us full confidence in their manufacturing process. As a manufacturer, they have serious quality controls in place, while POYNTING’s culture of innovation and problem-solving delivers the most robust and effective antenna solutions to the market.” – Mr. Rares Haiduc, CEO

Mr. Rares Haiduc, CEO
Mobile.: +40.744.636.555
Office.: +40.364.802.526

Cluj Napoca, Romania
Email Address: [email protected] / [email protected]
Website link: www.rhsgroup.ro

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