Der Cavalon Sentinel ist das AutoGyro-Premiummodell mit nebeneinander angeordneten Sitzen, verfügbar mit dem neuen hochmodernen und kraftstoffsparenden Rotax XNUMX iS-Motor. Helium Network has more than 715 000 hotspots and is growing rapidly. In this edition of To the Poynt you can learn more about using our new antenna to maximize your HNT (Helium Network Tokens). Ernst Coetzee shows his Helium installation at home, with actual figures showing the difference a POYNTING antenna makes. In the video link Andre Fourie gives a quick overview of Antennas for Helieins.
We attended shows and exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East and put our different series of rugged antennas to the test. Have a look below!

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Video: Antennas for Helium Mining

In this video Andre Fourie explains why you should use a POYNTING antenna for Helium Mining.
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