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Choosing the correct antenna can be very confusing & technical.
Use our customer friendly chart below to help guide you towards the correct antenna.

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Commercial & Industrial

A wide range of antennas are available for connectivity of various technology types at your commercial and industrial premises; for LTE, Wi-Fi, 5G and other technologies.
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Urban & Rural Cellular

Need high performance fixed wireless antennas? See our selection of omni-directional and uni-directional antennas for LTE, 5G & Wi-Fi.

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Anonymous Testimonial

“…Poynting has made a solid impression with me, which I will not forget. Great mounting, great cable management and SMA plastic easy grip covers, nice feel, I even tried to take one apart for fun but stopped as I saw the (looks like) expanding foam inside and didn’t want to destroy it. Even the darn instruction manual and cut out mounting template was well thought out. 

In summary, I have working with many antennas, and you little one left a pucking great impression, of you’ll pardon the pun. “

5GStore logo

5G Store Testimonial

At 5Gstore we have always focused on carrying the best products on the market.  Our existing customers were testing and purchasing Poynting antennas and telling us of the success they had.  We investigated and they are high performing antennas plus they are reasonably priced.  We were impressed and decided to partner with Poynting.  We are glad that we did.

Michael Ginsberg, President, 5G Store

MarCom Testimonial

Marcom has been working with Poynting for more than three years. The feedback was immediately positive. Marcom’s main business is to provide cellular, Wi-Fi and LPwan communication systems, and therefore antennas are a key point in creating high-performance systems. Poynting antennas and the expertise of their technicians immediately proved to be the most suitable tool for solving even the most critical situations. The application sectors in which we operate are very varied: energy, transport, industrial automation, IOT. Thanks to Poynting we have also started to operate in the marine/costal market with great satisfaction. Marcom, also thanks to Poynting, is able to provide a turnkey communication system and this is highly appreciated by the market.

Luca Marani, Marcom Srl

Matrix Testimonial

“Matrix has developed a trusty relationship with Poynting since 2017. They are an experienced antenna manufacturer  and we are sure that their antennas will provide the best connectivity of our MTX modems and routers.  When a customer requests a robust antenna with the highest quality and performance, we are certain that by offering Poynting antennas  we give the perfect solution to their needs. The most important thing for us is to know that in projects with coverage difficulties and aggressive environments like mining, maritime or rural areas, Poynting provides always a solution that meets all the requirements for the most demanding clients” 

Cristóbal García, Matrix

MCS Testimonial

“MCS is a proud supplier of Poynting antennas for managed IoT solutions. Because of the high quality, the robust antennas are very suitable for various (industrial) IoT applications. Their range of sustainable antennas provide an excellent performance for mobile communication networks such as LTE (4G) and GSM (2G). MCS only cooperates with carefully selected suppliers who are experts in their workfield. Poynting certainly meets this requirement. They are very involved in our projects and like to help actively in solving challenges. Poynting delivers outstanding customer service.” 

Bas Piek, CCO of MCS Benelux

Adey Electronics

“For the last few years we have used Poynting as a go-to source for our rugged, high-gain, directional and omni cellular antennas.

Our personal experiences and customer feedback have always been excellent, both technically and aesthetically. Their support team always go the extra mile to deliver what we need and the partnership continues to thrive. The antennas never disappoint, in fact the opposite is true and they exceed customer expectations. The engineering team are always introducing innovative designs into the market and for this reason we are happy to promote Poynting as a trusted partner, especially in the advent of 5G here in the UK.”

Lewis Harvey, Adey Electronics

NetXL Testimonial

“Since partnering with Poynting, everyone at NetXL has developed a whole new appreciation for antennas. Their wide range of high-performing products ensures that we can consistently develop solutions for our customers that will produce the best possible performance. On top of that, they are an absolute pleasure to work with, and we can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Rachel Maher, Business Manager NetXL

Frontier Computer Corp. b.v., the Netherlands Testimonial

“We have been working with Poynting for a number of years now and they are an important link in the connectivity solutions we provide to our customers. One of the advantages of the collaboration that I would like to mention is that they listen carefully to the feedback we receive from the market and adapt their products to the needs of these customers. Through this collaboration, a number of high-quality antennas have been made, which are unique in the market. Together we are strong!” Richard Koenders, Managing Director Frontier Computer Corp b.v.

Northwest Towers Testimonial

Northwest Towers is a proud distributor of Poynting Antennas in the US and Canada. We partnered with Poynting because of their continuous innovation in industrial antenna solutions. Our customers couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and performance of the products we receive from Poynting.

Tyler Booth, President, Northwest Towers

Blue Wireless Testimonial

Poynting Antennas are ideal to connect our customers in the maritime sectors and in remote locations with reliable 4G/LTE connectivity. The products are durable and quality is excellent

Ivan Landen, CEO at Blue Wireless


About Us

Poynting is a top global provider of integrated antenna solutions. We innovate, design and manufacture market-leading products used in wireless communication. Established as a consultancy in 1990, Poynting evolved into an official PTY in 1997 and in 2001 established Poynting Antennas. Poynting supplies antenna solutions for wireless high speed data applications. We provide solutions for 3G/4G/5G and LTE, GPS and Glonass, IoT LoRa and Sigfox as well as RFID and Wi-Fi applications. Our antennas are used in all industry sectors that require wireless communication whether it is residential, automotive, industrial and IoT solutions. We also have a specialised antenna solutions for the marine, mining and tunnelling markets.