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Nieuwsbrief april 2024 met afbeelding

april 2024

Join us on a journey of connectivity beyond boundaries with Poynting's EPNT series and LPDA-92 antennas. Whether you're seeking remote connectivity or marine solutions, we've got the tools to keep…
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Werk en wildernis met elkaar verbinden

Experience Yosemite's beauty while staying connected with POYNTING's MIMO-4 Antenna. Gunther's story showcases technology's role in merging work and adventure, enabling remote connectivity even in remote areas. POYNTING keeps you…
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Shayne ane Esther - verlaat Nederland POYNTING Gesponsord

Wheels of Hope – Fietsen voor een doel

We proudly supports Wheels of Hope and SOSA with financial aid and essential hardware, enhancing connectivity in remote areas. This underscores our commitment to improving the lives of children in…
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Maritieme connectiviteit-top feat afbeelding

Hoogtepunten van de Maritime Connectivity Summit

Maritieme leiders navigeren door digitale transformatie op een top onder leiding van Ben Taylor, waar inzichten en oplossingen worden geboden voor de veranderende connectiviteitsbehoeften. Bekijk de opname voor cruciale kennis.
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Junior Desktop Support Medewerker

Poynting Antennas has an exciting opportunity for a Junior Desktop Support Associate. The ideal candidate must be interested in providing hands-on IT support for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Cloud services…
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Stabiele 4G-verbinding-LPDA-92-uitgelichte afbeelding

Stabiele 4G-verbinding op 55 km in het afgelegen NSW!

Internet Innovations provides comprehensive communications solutions in metro and regional Australia. They ensure that businesses and farms operate at maximum capacity with no downtime. Their customers might be remote, but…
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Onderzoeks-en ontwikkelingsmanager

The Research and Development (R&D) Manager will be overseeing the creation new and enhanced products that ate innovative, of the highest quality and mechanically sound. This is done through the…
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