I Need To Extend The Wi-Fi Range In My House, Please Help!

Extending the range of Wi-Fi coverage in a house can be done in two ways:

  • Firstly, by plugging in a range extender at more or less the place where the wi-fi signal disappears. The benefit of a range extender is that it does not require any cabling, but it does have a drawback in that the Wi-Fi speed delivered via a range extender is half the speed of the primary/master router.
  • The second option is to install a second access point, this can be achieved with a 3G/4G router, connected via a network cable to the primary router (computer cable with big connectors that resemble telephone connectors). The same speed can be achieved as with the primary router, but the drawback is that it requires the installation of a cable between the two routers and usually needs the services of an installer.

There is no right or wrong when considering the above-mentioned solutions. One must decide on which is the most practical for the specific circumstances. Factors such as the type of ceiling will assist in making an informed decision. Concrete ceilings for e.g. prohibit the use of cables in the roof; necessitating a cable run along the wall or floor. If aesthetics is critical such as in a house the range extender

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