FAQ – How do I mount LPDAs for 4×4 MIMO


How do I mount 4 LPDA or YAGI antennas if I want 4×4 MIMO.

The complete question was: And what about 4 yagi/lpda antennas? 1 Vertical, 2 horizontal, 3 vertical, 4 horizonal and no space between them?.


As Andre mentions in the video the vertical and horizontal elements can be spaced quite close to each other, as long as they don’t touch each other.

However, if the antennas are of the same polarisation, then the rule of thumb is that the antennas can be spaced ½ wavelength (λ) apart. Where a wavelength is calculated as follows: λ = f/c, where f = Operating Frequency and c = Speed of light (3 x108). Therefore at 600 MHz, a wavelength is equal to 2m, and the same polarisation antennas should be spaced 1m apart, as illustrated below.

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