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Why does my mobile phone perform better than my (LTE) router?

Question: Why does my mobile phone perform better than my router? Answer: The short answer: The reason for this is that some routers (even popular brands) have antiquated technology and hence lower performing features because the technological advancement for mobile...

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POYNTING MIMO-4-17 ideal for Transport


7-in-1 Transportation & Automotive Antenna
617 – 7200 MHz; 4×4 LTE/5G (MIMO), 6dBi; 2×2 Wi-Fi (MIMO), 6.5dBi; GPS/GLONASS, 21dBi
Ideal for transportation & mobility connections

Transport & Mobility

“What Our Customers Say”

Why should people do business with Poynting?

  • Innovative - We create, design, and develop all our antennas inhouse and hold more than 50 patents.
  • Future-proof - Our antennas are wideband and electrically optimized over the whole band.
  • Built to last – Electrically and mechanically our antennas stand the test of time. Whether it is IK10, IP68, eMark – we have it certified.
  • Trustworthy – The results that you see on our datasheets are from tests, not simulations.
  • Quality by design – We design our antennas so there’s almost zero margin for error when they are manufactured.
  • Attention to detail – Included with the antenna you will often find a variety of mounting options, connector grip extenders and other useful accessories.