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Poynting Antennas improves Internet at Construction Sites

Building sites have notoriously bad signal, especially in the containers that these companies use as temporary offices. These containers are in effect Faraday cages that keeps the signal out. See how Ocmer Sp. z o.o in Poland solved this problem.


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Poynting XPOL-24 September Featured Product


X-Polarised, Uni-Directional 4×4 MIMO 5G/LTE Anetenna
617 – 960 MHz & 1710 – 4200 MHz, 11dBi; 4×4 MIMO
Next generation antenna perfect for every application from
Urban & Rural

Urban & Rural

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Why should people do business with Poynting?

  • Innovative - We create, design, and develop all our antennas inhouse and hold more than 50 patents.
  • Future-proof - Our antennas are wideband and electrically optimized over the whole band.
  • Built to last – Electrically and mechanically our antennas stand the test of time. Whether it is IK10, IP68, eMark – we have it certified.
  • Trustworthy – The results that you see on our datasheets are from tests, not simulations.
  • Quality by design – We design our antennas so there’s almost zero margin for error when they are manufactured.
  • Attention to detail – Included with the antenna you will often find a variety of mounting options, connector grip extenders and other useful accessories.