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POYNTING Mission Statement

At POYNTING, we're on a mission to redefine global connectivity and pave the way for revolutionary technologies that empower and benefit mankind.


We are committed to a future where we will redefine global connectivity and pave the way for revolutionary technologies to empower and benefit mankind.


  • PRODUCT EXCELLENCE: Our antenna products are trailblazers of seamless connectivity and are known to delight customers worldwide. Our superpower lies in our exceptional Product Management and Research & Development team, who embrace "Lean" principles to create desirable and cutting-edge products i.e., “Try fast and fail fast” and then improve.
  • ALL EMPLOYEES ARE IMPORTANT to achieving our Vision. They all use Agility, MVPs, and Teams internally and externally in the implementation, experimentation, and testing of innovative systems, sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and efforts to achieve continuous company improvement. So, if products are our assegais (innovative Zulu stabbing spears), then POYNTING people would be the Impis (warrior units), Indunas (Zulu commanders) orchestrated by visionary Kings (initially Shaka Zulu) to ensure Zulu nineteenth-century conquest and dominance.
  • DEEP MARKET AND TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE: At the heart of successful products is understanding customers, end users, markets, and related technologies. Enthusiastic partners and end users love to engage with us, sharing valuable insights that often spark ideas for new innovations.
  • PERFORMANCE RATHER THAN SPECIFICATIONS COUNTS: We do not chase superficially impressive specifications but differentiate our products by designing for superior overall connectivity using a holistic design approach.
  • HOLISTIC DESIGN means designing solutions by harmonising ALL relevant metrics, such as full 3D radiation patterns, frequency bands, innovative installation options, and appropriate environmental survival features. The result is seamless, best-of-breed, actual connectivity in the intended application and environment. Holistic design produces unique, clever products with performance far exceeding expectations suggested by looking at their specification numbers.


  • THE POYNTING BRAND: We value the promotion of the brand by maximising exposure of brand symbols and colours on products in marketing. We ensure our behaviour and products embody the brand with the promises outlined here.
  • INNOVATION, USE OF MVPS AND AGILE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGIES: These are core values to create user-relevant products. We value similar methodologies to streamline internal functions, galvanise and empower sales partners and provide creative marketing support.
  • FEARLESS INITIATIVE AND RISK-TAKING: We cherish bold and assertive employees and teams who dare to take initiative and embrace calculated risks. We celebrate failures as steppingstones to progress and forgive mistakes that result from genuine efforts to advance our business.
  • TEAMWORK AND SYNERGY: Vulnerability, honesty, mutual trust and integrity are nurtured and demanded as these are key drivers of team excellence.
  • DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: We embrace diversity and strive to provide equal opportunities to all, recognizing the substantial commercial and internal benefits it unlocks. We actively eliminate biases that hinder company diversity.
  • GLOBAL CITIZENS: We value and take care of our environment, employees, and stakeholders and want to enrich the societies around us. We welcome and immerse ourselves in different world cultures since this is key to achieving our Vision.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we'll continue to empower connectivity and inspire innovation.

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