As you might be aware, POYNTING has its origins within the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. Both Dr. Andre Fourie (Group CEO) and Dr. Derek Nitch (CTO) maintain strong connections with the University. They continue to engage in lecturing and mentoring Electrical Engineering students from various institutions.
Education and mentoring are deeply ingrained in the ethos of POYNTING. Throughout the years, we have developed substantial educational content for students, employees, customers, and the public. Antennas are our passion, compelling us to share comprehensive insights about them and the underlying technology.

With this commitment in mind, we established the POYNTING Academy. Our self-paced online courses are designed to guide you through RF content in a systematic manner, leading to specific learning outcomes.

These online courses afford students the flexibility to set their own schedules and deadlines as they progress through the content at their preferred pace.

The POYNTING Academy primarily targets individuals involved in the procurement and sale of antennas. It also proves valuable for technical and engineering professionals seeking an introduction or refresher on antenna properties and performance.

Please take a moment to explore the available courses below and consider bookmarking this page to stay informed about additional upcoming offerings.

Our Courses

POYNTING Certified Advisor (PCA)

50 USD per Course
Covers Antennas Fundamentals and is aimed at people involved in buying and selling antennas. Technical and engineering personnel needing an introduction or refresher on antenna properties and performance will also benefit from this course.
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