At POYNTING ANTENNAS, we are dedicated to attracting top talent from around the globe to join our team. Whether you're seeking full-time career opportunities, looking to start your journey with our graduate or intern programs, or aiming to support your education through our bursary programs, we have a place for you.

Full-Time Jobs / Careers

Explore exciting job opportunities across all departments within our company, worldwide. From engineering to marketing, sales to research and development, discover how you can contribute to our dynamic team.
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Graduate or Intern Opportunities

Are you a recent engineering graduate eager to apply your knowledge in a real-world setting? Our graduate and intern programs in South Africa offer hands-on experience and mentorship to jumpstart your career journey.
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Bursaries for Engineering Students

We believe in nurturing the future of engineering by supporting aspiring students in South Africa. Our bursary programs provide financial assistance and guidance to help you pursue your educational goals and pave the way for a successful career.
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