Cleaning Robots Get a Boost with POYNTING PUCK Antennas

Project Info:
  • Customer: IME Mobile Solutions
  • Location: Germany.
  • POYNTING Products: PUCK Series of Antennas
  • Other Products: Teltonika gateway TRB140

The Background

Digital SIM GmbH helped one of their customers with the development of autonomous service robots. These robots take over cleaning work in supermarkets, airports, clinics and industrial spaces.

With inputs and solutions from Digital SIM, ime mobile solutions, Roland Becker, Teltonika and POYNTING Antennas a solution was required that would work worldwide.

The Challenge

To ensure that the cleaning robots are equally safe and easy to use, remote maintenance and comprehensive monitoring play a key role. For reliable, worldwide remote access to each individual robot and its internal infrastructure, Digital SIM relies on components from ime mobile solutions. The service robots work almost completely autonomously. In fully automatic operation, they clean predefined areas until the battery power runs out, the dirty water tank is full or fresh water is needed. For “small maintenance” in between, they drive independently to their service station, where they are supplied with everything they need.

The Solution

Digital networking via LTE relies on IoT SIM cards from Digital SIM and SmartNetVPN from ime. These SIM cards are specifically designed for worldwide use and can be managed centrally. In addition, SmartNetVPN enables secure remote access to individual robots and their internal infrastructure.To ensure reliable digital communication, ime recommends using the Teltonika gateway TRB140. They have also selected the POYNTING PUCK antenna, which is both mechanically and electrically robust, as the antenna is crucial for effective communication.

The Result

Service robots are now equipped with IIoT technology from IME, allowing for remote maintenance. This technology reduces the need for customers to describe errors, as conditions and usage profiles can be analyzed in real-time from a distance. Additionally, fast remote diagnosis is possible in the case of malfunctions. This results in a more efficient and effective service experience.

Mission accomplished!

The Customer Said:

“One of the most important, but also one of the most frequently underestimated components in digital communication is the antenna,” says Roland Becker. “We made no compromises here and unanimously decided on the POYNTING PUCK antenna from ime.” The antenna not only offers the best reception even in demanding environments but is also extremely robust. This ensures that the central component on the robot withstands even the toughest loads in daily use.”

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