Hillson Secures Construction Sites with Poynting Antennas

Project Information

Customer: Hillson
Location: Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands
Partners: MCS – The Netherlands
POYNTING Product: XPOL-2 High Gain MIMO Antenna


Hillson BV are the expert in the field of construction site security in the Netherlands. This innovative company offers temporary and permanent security options using advanced products. They offer a total security solution including video verification, control room, security and Live View of construction sites or any other remote or unmanned sites. MegaPixel IP cameras allows the customer to easily view live images via the internet, store digital images through Network Video Recorders (NVRs) or on external servers.

The Challenge

As these sites are often in sites without wired infrastructure, wireless data transmission communications are critical. As a turn-key service provider one must be sure who is granted access to a remote site, or what is happening at the remote site if an alarm comes in. Hillson must be 100% sure they have 24/7 access to the remote site to ensure agreed quality of service and to avoid cost in case of false alarms. They also need to service and control various remotely installed equipment. The challenge was setting up dependable communication links for the data and video from the equipment at the remote site to the central control room or the customers office. Hillson approached MCS, their partner since the late nineties to supply secure and stable connections.

The Solution

Remote and difficult to reach sites meant MCS set up wireless links via the mobile network. As the telecom operators do not always have good and stable coverage at remote sites MCS uses the POYNTING MIMO 4G / LTE Antennas to ensure a stable, high speed connection. The XPOL-1 Cross Polarized Omni-Directional antenna was chosen to establish the cellular communication to sites in mostly urban places with moderate and good quality signal levels. The POYNTING XPOL-2 Cross Polarized Directional MIMO LTE antenna was used near borders or sites where Hillson wanted to ensure that a connection was established with a specific base station. Both antennas are high performance antennas covering all cellular bands currently used in the Netherlands.

The Result

The POYNTING antennas were able to create a much more stable and reliable connection between the sites. This ensured that there were less false alarms due to communication faults. The quality of service was improved, the percentage of alarms being handled automatically increased and when human interaction was required, information of higher quality was received.

Hillson was able to reduce the operational cost due a reduction of police and fire-brigade interventions, which showed to be unnecessary. Operators have better tools to perform and now only call the intervention teams (private & governmental) when really needed.

The combined expertise of POYNTING, MCS and Hillson ensured a quick roll out of the Hillson “Virtual security concept” for their customers, who enjoy the improved quality of service

“Using the POYNTING antennas will have 10dB gain extra, compared to a single out of the box antenna. With that, the stability is also a lot better” – Pim Rijlaarsdam, Hillson Technology Manager

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