Internet for the smaller Yacht from CELLweaver and ime

Project Info:
  • Customer: CELLweaver
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Partner: ime mobile solutions
  • Location: Neunkirchen, Germany
  • POYNTING Product: EPNT-4 – Omni-directional CPE with 4×4 5G/LTE MIMO, 2×2 Wi-Fi MIMO, and GPS antenna
  • Router: Teltonika RUTX12

The Background

ime mobile solutions offers an extensive portfolio of networking technology combined with suitable software and services.

When CELLweaver, a specialist provider of individualised and robust internet and network solutions for large yachts, wanted to expand its product portfolio ime was the obvious partner.

The Challenge

CELLwearer realised there was a requirement for smaller yachts to have  access the Internet. While sailing along the coast, people face challenges in maintaining communication with friends and families and accessing essential weather and navigation data. These services rely on internet connectivity which have limitations whether you are offshore or in the harbour. Insufficient bandwidth also means that communication is often limited to short text messages.

Moreover, in remote bays, yacht owners often have no access to the Internet at all, leaving them disconnected and without crucial information. Though smartphone roaming offers an option, it is often expensive due to varying tariffs and regional limitations. Maritime networking with seamless data connections has always been a challenge, especially around ​​inland waterway transport.

The Solution

While CELLweaver has been providing solutions for large yachts, they saw an opportunity to provide connectivity for smaller vessels. The proposed solution should address the challenges of limited Internet availability, while being affordable and not taking too much space on the vessel.

Hardware on yachts must be robust and weatherproof, but also match the sleek and stylish appearance of the vessel. The POYNTING ePoynt CPE solution was the obvious choice, sleek and robust! Combining this antenna enclosure with a Teltonika based CELLweaver router resulted in an ingenious solution.

The EPNT-4, supplied by ime mobile solutions GmbH, consists of an UV-stable ASA radome that protects the technology from salt water, is weatherproof and vandalism-proof and, thanks to intelligently designed, decorrelated antennas, offers optimal performance in the most important 5G or LTE bands.

The Result

The first cruises already showed that CELLweaver is on the right track with its solution. They achieved better signal quality, greater range, and an overall more reliable Internet connection. 

The Customer Said:

“What should not go unmentioned, apart from the reliable technology is that our solution offers significant cost savings
compared to satellite-supported systems!”
– Philipp Rosenberg from CELLweaver,

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