Inteto Connect Solves Cellphone Reception Problems At Remote Game Farm

Project Information

Inteto Connect solves cellphone reception problems at remote Game Farm.
Customer: Game Farm
Location: Karoo, South Africa
Partner: Inteto Connect, Johannesburg & Cape Town +27 12 657 0050
POYNTING Product: LPDA-92 High gain Antenna
Email: [email protected]


Since our inception in 1996, POYNTING has been providing antennas to improve cell phone signals in remote and rural areas. The LPDA-92 is one of the original antennas that was used for this purpose. This antenna is still being used today as a mainstay to improve cell phone and data signal in remote and harsh environments.

The Challenge

The Guest Farm is located 20 km outside Beaufort West in the semi-arid Central Karoo in South Africa. The Karoo is a place where travelers can come to relax and replenish their souls. The vast beauty of the landscape stretches to the horizon under a canopy of the richest blue sky, and herds of antelope graze across the rolling hills. Being this remote allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but in a case of emergency it is essential to get in touch with civilization. Therefore, the lack of mobile phone and data signal on the farm was a great concern to the owners.

The Solution

IntetoConnect, POYNTING’s partner in South Africa was ideally positioned to assist as they offer antenna solutions and installation services across Southern Africa. The farm is situated in a valley, where there is no cellphone signal. On the surrounding hills there are some signal, and that is where Inteto Connect placed a cellular repeater. A cellular repeater needs an antenna to receive the signal (called a donor) and one to transmit or distribute the signal. The POYNTING LPDA-92 high gain antenna was installed as donor antenna about 7m from the repeater. This LPDA received a reflected signal off a rockface on the hill across the valley. Another antenna was used to distribute the signal to the farm. The distribution antenna was replaced 10 m from the repeater and pointed down to the farm that is about 250 m away.

The Result

This solution gave the lodge and surrounding buildings GSM Signal. This ensured that even though they are remote, they are still connected, in case of emergency. “Various installers tried to solve the signal problem at the farm with no success. Inteto Connect came with a novel approach using a reflected signal and the POYNTING high gain LPDA-92 antenna, to ensure that there is usable signal on the farm”

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