POYNTING, Frontier & Peplink connect a remote construction site

Project Information

Customer: Construction Site
Location: The Netherlands
Partners: Peplink and Frontier BV
XPOL-2 High Gain Cross Polarised LTE MIMO Antenna – 698MHZ-2700MHZ


A stable and robust internet connection is important at any worksite, however remote. Communication on modern construction sites is based on a solid internet connection which is often not in place when the project starts.

The Challenge

Construction sites do not have a wired internet connection, because these locations are often isolated and remote. These site offices are often built into containers that shield the broadband signal from reaching the phones or modems inside. It often happens that your construction project has started, and you are still waiting for a fixed line to be installed. Added to this delay the costs of a fixed connection at a new building site is often sky-high. The locations of these sites are often temporary, usually for a few months or at most one or two years.

As mentioned earlier, the costs of installing fibre or other fixed line solution are huge. That is why reputable construction companies increasingly opt for a broadband internet solution. Another advantage is that this solution is mobile and it can be used for other construction sites when the project is finished. The goal is to quickly establish a stable, affordable internet connection on the building site for the staff and visitors. Employees must be able to work in an efficient and secure way. Construction drawings, timesheets, reports, camera surveillance, inspections and recordings must be sent via a secure VPN internet connection between different construction sites or within one construction site and the head office.

The Solution

The Frontier solution uses a Peplink LTEA router in combination with POYNTING’s omnidirectional or directional antennas.Before the equipment is installed, Frontier will inspect the site and ensure that they know which providers and antennas we can use best to establish a stable internet connection on the construction site. On a large building site with many employees, the bandwidth limit can be reached very quickly, for example when the employees are busy downloading and uploading files to the server. To get the required bandwidth, Frontier places four active SIM cards in the Peplink MAX HD4 LTEA and build a Speedfusion tunnel. This goes to a data centre where a FusionHub (Speedfusion Virtual Appliance) runs. With FusionHub they can connect the four SIM cards and use two different LTE frequencies from the same ISP for redundancy.

The customer said:

“Do not wait for ages for an expensive fixed line – get wireless broadband now!”

Download the PDF here of this application story here or contact [email protected] for more information.

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