Solar Energy and Smart Grids

Project Info:

  • Customer: GEOxyz
  • Location: Zwevegem, Belgium
  • POYNTING Product:
    • 4 x OMNI-496: Dual-band Wi-Fi omni-directional antennas
    • 2 x OMNI-402: Ultra-wide-band LTE 2X2 MIMO omni-directional antennas

Sustainability can be achieved through the integration of smart technologies. These technologies ensure efficient utilization and distribution of energy from various sources, whether connected to the national grid or operating independently.

Smart grids play a crucial role in this endeavour. They offer real-time monitoring, control, and rapid response capabilities. These capabilities are achieved by seamlessly integrating data collected during energy production with communication systems. The result is the establishment of an efficient, secure, and sustainable energy network supported by effective bilateral communication.

A fundamental requirement for these systems is the provision of seamless, fast, and uninterrupted control and monitoring communication via #4G networks. BağLAN, our partner in #Turkey is using #POYNTING OMNI-403 antennas with the AMIT Wireless Inc. Industrial 4G #gateway device (IDG500-0T012).

These solutions cater to a range of smart grid communication needs, ensuring a robust and interconnected network.

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