New North American Partners

As we approach the pinnacle of summer here in the US, it is with great pleasure to announce the addition of two new reseller/distributors to the POYNTING family. First, please welcome Ralph’s Radio of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, headed by Tim Rurak who has a long history with the company.

Ralph’s has over 60 years in the communications industry providing audio/video systems for home, auto and marine.

They also have a strong presence in the IoT industry providing connectivity solutions for mining, agriculture, and rail industries.  POYNTING was Tim’s first choice to partner with based on his research and knowledge of antenna specifications. We are very excited to be working with Tim and his team and you are welcome to contact them in Vancouver at +1-604-879-4281 or Victoria at +1-250-386-7100 or

Our next addition to the POYNTING family is Net All Over

Located in San Antonio, TX

Peter Henry, Michael Hull and Anthony Pereira, were runners up, and is receiving a bottle of #southafricanwine each.

NAO is a new company headed by Shane Mitchell. Shane has over 30 years of wireless networking experience and was on the verge of retirement when his sons approached him with a desire to carry on the family business of providing wi-fi to rural customers in Texas.

In a very short period of time, they have already started gaining momentum in neighboring states as well as there is a huge demand for fast, remote internet.  Shane had some experience with POYNTING in the past and knew our products would fit the long-range reception needed to fulfill his customers connectivity requirements. 

You can contact NAO toll-free at +1-888-425-3656 or have a look at

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