New to the Team!

We would like to welcome this delightful group of people to the POYNTING team. We love to see new faces from all over the world and to find out what makes them tick. Please say “hallo” to our #ProudlyPOYNTING colleagues.

I am grateful for this opportunity working for this fine brand and I hope to build the brand-awareness together with the rest of the family.

Maybe a little about myself (you can of course always google me ).

I am almost 43 years old (depending on the evening before I can feel like a 70-year-old, but I can also have the childish enthusiasm of a 5-year-old getting a new toy). My family exists of 3 children (16,14 and 7 boy-girl-boy) and a wife (Sarah).

I am a fan of “what you see is what you get” and “direct communication” as it is the fastest way to a great solution. I really like the word TEAM as it stands for something I hold dear: Together Everyone Achieves More. So never be afraid to ask me something as I will do the same thing to you.

I love film and music and of course I like good food accompanied by some liquids . I started playing soccer at 6 and my body only gave up at 34. But I am kind of an omni-sport guy. I now play ping-pong; I have a racing bike and I like to snowboard.

I’m Francisca Cateto, 31 years old and I live in Portugal.

I have a degree, master and a post-graduation all focused on Marketing Management. I am an Experienced Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of 11 years working in the B2B communication industry.

In both our professional and personal life, we must always keep in mind the impact and empathy we leave in others. The better you become, the better you attract.

I like to sleep earlier and wake up early. Books – Thinking Fast Slow, Atomic Habits,

Brand awareness is the marketing term I want to increase in POYNTING! I want to our actual and potential consumers recognizes our qualities and distinguish our products from competition. I will work to create a brand awareness that will be the key step in promoting our products.

Hi I`m John Hoeven.  I joined POYNTING on October 1st as Business Development Manager Europe and I’m happy to be here. I am working in the Telecommunication and Satellite communication industry for many years (early ‘00`s).

My passion is consumer electronics and the Maritime industry, from small tugboat with 4-5 people onboard up to big dredging/ pipe layers with over 500 people onboard.

Can you imagine? Weeks / months from home, back to basic internet speeds, when we all had the modem with the weird sounds… Fascinating isn`t it?

It`s my goal to help seafarers with decent connectivity, and we at POYNTING are here to help.

I`m looking forward to meet up with you.

Hi, I am Savannah Taitz I’m the newly appointed Industrial Designer at POYNTING Antennas. This year I have been studying my honours in Industrial Design at the University of Johannesburg. I had previously worked as an Industrial Design intern at an Industrial Design firm in Bryanston.

I joined POYNTING because I felt like this company will help me grow more as a designer. The past two months working with POYNTING has been adventurous and exciting as it has opened my mind up to many developments.

I also have a massive passion for cars and automotive design. In my free time I do commission drawings of supercars for people that own them. I have always been interested in cars, and fixing them, since I was a young girl. I also have a passion for karate and tennis, and I am a self-taught makeup artist who has worked in the beauty industry.

I am very excited and grateful to have been given this opportunity. I look forward to all the new endeavours at POYNTING Antennas.

My name is Shaunel Walker and during 2019 I completed my MEng degree (Cum Laude) as a collaboration between UP and TUT, where I focused on different radiometer topology simulations, using an RF system simulator.

Up until recently I was busy with my PhD in electronic engineering at the University of Pretoria (UP). My PhD research was about a broadband cooled radio astronomy receiver; however, I have decided to put my PhD on-hold and is really excited for the wonderful RF Engineering opportunity that I have received from POYNTING Antennas.

I recently got married to my wonderful wife Gillian and I am so grateful for all the support that she always gives me. I am a highly motivated person; I like learning new things and solving engineering problems. I like different sports such as cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, swimming, volleyball, and soccer. I also have a keen interest in radio astronomy and my favorite planet in our solar system is Jupiter.

Growing up as a young boy with only dreams; I never would have thought that I would be in the fortunate position that I am in today. I still want to learn so much more to establish myself as a great RF engineer on a global scale.

POYNTING Antennas is a global leader in antenna design and manufacturing. The company also has a clear vision, and I will always do my best to contribute to the current and future success of this great company. I am super happy to be part of this amazing family and is looking forward to all the great work that we will continue to deliver to our customers and beyond.

My name Sohana Gokul and I am the newly appointed HR Officer at POYNTING Antennas. I completed my Bachelor’s degree majoring in Marketing and Human Resources Management in 2018. I have a vested interest in Human Resources. Prior to this, I held the position of a Recruitment Consultant at Paton Personnel where I gained a massive amount of experience in HR.

I absolutely enjoy spending most of my time reading, being outdoors and always finding new ways to expand my knowledge. I am so grateful and passionate about this new opportunity; I am enthusiastic about having the company’s best interest at heart and contributing towards POYNTING Antennas success.

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