New Omni-Directional Marine & Coastal Antennas | OMNI-403 & OMNI-404

POYNTING Antennas to release their new OMNI-403 and OMNI-404 marine grade antennas, that will be available from July 2020 and August 2020 respectively. Please keep a lookout for the release in May, which will include all the necessary technical and other related information.

The OMNI-403 & OMNI-404 antennas are smaller versions of our very popular OMNI-291 and OMNI-400 marine and coastal antennas. These new antennas have a smaller profile radome which is specifically designed for adverse marine & coastal environments. The two new omni-directional antennas are intended to supplement and expand the range to offer more options to our customers, especially where aesthetics require a smaller antenna onboard.

Although these antennas look similar on the outside, they are completely different on the inside. These new antennas have a smaller radome of 152 mm (with the marine bracket measures a total of 252 mm) in length, making it much more compact. The antennas are designed for superior pattern control across their respective frequency ranges of operation. The OMNI-403 covers the contemporary LTE bands from 698MHz to 2700MHz, while the OMNI-404 also includes the CBRS/5G Ready band from 3200MHz to 3800MHz. Providing reception capability for the most popular international LTE & 5G bands.

POYNTING Antennas has achieved this performance by using an innovative design whereby the impedance bandwidth, gain and radiation patterns are harmonized over the entire frequency range. This offers superior performance across all frequency bands which is an important factor for LTE and future 5G technologies. The result is the best possible reception and throughput over multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

Both antennas are specifically designed for marine and coastal applications and features an IP68 rating against water, making these antennas ideal for the most severe storms at sea. The antennas are also fully saltwater protected so that it can be used in highly corrosive environments, including chemical and toxic environments. This is thanks to the SAN Marine ASA radome material. Although the antennas are designed for marine applications they can also be used for commercial, industrial, residential and urban implementation.

Both marine antennas offer a standard 1”-14TPI marine adaptor (BRKT-40 in the box). 

We plan to release the OMNI-403 and OMNI-404 antennas in May 2020, with all the related specifications and information available at launch. quotations will be possible from July and August 2020 respectively. Please keep an eye out for the launch of these new antennas, as we expect to let them out at sea and create much deserved excitement amongst our customers.

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