Poynting Antennas Can Help With Remote Working Solutions

Improve your remote working experience using outdoor antennas

The world is in the grip of COVID-19 and within weeks the way we do business have changed. Where remote working was a luxury for selected employees in technologically advanced companies, businesses had to adapt to a new way of working overnight. Not only do adults work from home, school children need to adapt to remote schooling with online lessons as the norm and not the exception – even in less technologically advanced countries.

In South Africa we are currently in a lockdown period where our staff are working remotely from home, using either a fibre, DSL or LTE connection. Our employees that are using fibre or DSL at home, have back-up options (like an LTE Router or even using a phone hotspot), in quotation to ensure connectivity and additional capacity. Andre Fourie, company owner and Group CEO, is currently using a LTE Router exclusively to remain connected, in spite of having a fibre connection at home.

We thought it will be beneficial to mention how an outdoor antenna, can improve your internet speed and ensure that you have a better internet experience at home.

A wireless solution using an outdoor antenna will give you approximately a 16 dB improvement of your signal, which relates to much better throughput and reliability of your link.  The signal outside your house is several times stronger than the signal inside your house.  Have a look at this video where the benefit of an outdoor antenna is explained.

Here are some guidelines on selecting an antenna: Which Antenna Do I Use With My LTE Router? Omni Vs Directional Antenna.

Should you want some advice on installing an antenna, you can have a look at How To Orientate A Directional LTE Antenna During Installation?

Please have a look at this map for your closest POYNTING distributor or partner and get in touch for more information on our antennas.

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