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ITEXPO is an annual technology trade show where vendors and service providers showcase the latest and greatest in the world of telecommunications and technology. Attendees can take advantage of educational opportunities and network with industry leaders. For POYNTING, this was an opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and network with potential partners and customers in the industry. 

MINEXCHANGE brings together mining companies, industry experts, and technology providers to share ideas and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the mining sector. For POYNTING Inc, the conference provided an opportunity to connect with mining companies and showcase their range of high-performance antennas and related products.

During her visit to the US, she also took the opportunity to meet with customers in the region.

At Northwest Towers, she met with Tyler Booth (President), Steve Petrosky (VP Global Sales and Marketing), and Xander Rigby (Snr. Enterprise Account Manager). Northwest Towers is a leading provider of comprehensive wireless infrastructure solutions, including site acquisition, development, construction, and maintenance services. 

At IOT Automation, Juan met with Matt Brown (General Manager) and Stephen Simpson (Operations Manager). IOT Automation is a provider of industrial automation solutions for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water and wastewater, and mining.

At Wenco, Juan met with Tarlia Mackay (Technical Services Analyst) and Diana Leonhardt (Sale Development Representative). Wenco is a provider of fleet management systems for the mining industry.

At 3DP, she met with Ladd Bryce (Solutions Architect). 3DP is a provider of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping solutions.

 Finally, Juan visited MST Global, where she met with Jon Larson (General Manager) and Josh Simpson (Account Manager). MST Global is a provider of mining communications and technology solutions.

Overall this was a great opportunity to visit customers in person and establishing new connections within these industries.

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