Welcome to the Team!

Pearl Ngubane

QA Manager
I am Pearl Ngubane, a newly appointed QA Manager for POYNTING Antenna.

I am highly astute professional with over 13 years’ experience working in challenging roles developing, implementing, and leading total quality management, safety Controls, Risk Management, Compliance in different business sectors (Warehousing and Distribution, Chemical Manufacturing and Injection Moulding, Refractory, and Laboratory).

A quality management practitioner at heart, I have specialist pedigree designing, implementing, managing, and auditing operational and compliance business processes and procedures at senior levels for different industries. I offer solid competencies in the areas of Quality, Safety, Auditing, Compliance, Risk Management, and Strategy Development. I possess the acumen of a modern-day leader having successfully worked alongside executives in strategic decision making, growing organizations and organizational management.

I am excited and looking forward to being of service and value adding to POYNTING Antenna.

Lerato Mosetlhi

Industrial Engineer
Hi, my name is Lerato Mosetlhi. I started on the 1st of July. I am the new Industrial Engineer working as a configuration co-ordinator in the R&D department, and I have 7 years’ experience as an Industrial engineer, which I acquired from a couple of organisations. I’m very passionate about continuous improvement. I am excited to work with all of you, and I am positive that we can accomplish great things. Outside of work, I am a mother to a beautiful little girl, who keeps me on my toes.

I received a very warm welcome from the Samrand team and hope to learn from all of you and grow in my career here at POYNTING.

Margot Fourie

Operation’s Associated
Hello everyone! My name is Margot Fourie, I am 25, and was appointed as an Operation’s Associated for POYNTING in early June.

The last few months have been jam-packed with new people, skills, theory, and experiences. Each of which I value immensely for the learning opportunity they presented. My current focus/responsibility is to make my rounds and spend a few weeks with most department of the Samrand offices to learn as much as possible about the responsibilities and workings of each unit.

I am going on my third year of a Business Management (Economics major) degree that I am studying online and have loved to have the opportunity to apply some of the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt to my work! In my free time, I watch K-dramas, Clarkson’s Farm, true crime documentaries and F1 (Red Bull all the way!). I am currently learning Korean and am very passionate about different countries, cultures, and languages. I also enjoy reading and play a few online games. I am a qualified Airline Pilot and was working as the Chief Flight Instructor of a flight school here in Johannesburg until I joined POYNTING. I am still very passionate in all things aviation and intent on keeping that up in the future.

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet you all and will endeavour contribute to the wonderful culture and growth of the business going forward.
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