POYNTING US at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

POYNTING US is delighted to share the highlights of our experience at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS 2023), where POYNTING exhibited along with co-sponsors Source Inc and Cradlepoint.

The following key players represented the companies at the stand: Mr. Mark Cravens from Source Inc, Mr. Oscar Bode from Cradlepoint, and our dynamic US sales team comprising Mr. Matt Bouren, Mrs. Juan Potgieter, and Mr. Jeff Oberlin.

We showed our range of antennas that are designed specifically for marine and coastal applications, where performance, quality, styling, and weather protection are critical. This range of antennas is aimed at the luxury yacht market and can also be used in other applications with harsh environments such as harbour buildings, smaller boats, buoys, etc.

We saw an impressive turnout of corporate and business-level customers, precisely the audience we had strategically targeted. Boat builders, marine electronics dealers/integrators, as well as cruise and shipping providers of diverse sizes and capabilities, engaged with our innovative solutions.

The FLIBS atmosphere was nothing short of remarkable, featuring rows of mega-yachts, bespoke yacht builders showcasing sleek designs, and an array of tender boats and cutting-edge marine toys. The event even boasted a collection of exotic automobiles and helicopters, adding to the global allure.

While success is never guaranteed, FLIBS 2023 undoubtedly provided POYNTING and our partners with significant exposure to a vast industry ripe for growth. The event allowed us to showcase our products to a broader audience, many of whom were unfamiliar with POYNTING and our partner ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate building on this success and achieving even greater milestones at next year’s event.

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