Why is the RIPPLE so great?

The RIPPLE antenna enclosure is designed to fit a variety of router and networking modules, transforming the antenna enclosure into a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) device – just add your own LTE/5G routers. The RIPPLE enclosure can accommodate routers up to the size of 300 x 250 x 110 mm³, which can be mounted directly onto the base.

There are currently two versions available – one with an 8X8 and one with a 16 x 16 multi–MIMO Antenna Array.


  • Unique Cross-Polarised Orientation: The POYNTING RIPPLE Marine dome stands out as the only dome with antennas in cross-polarised orientation—8/4 x vertically and 8/4 x horizontally polarised—for enhanced performance.
  • Double Data Rates: This design results in double the data rates compared to similar domes, or standard antenna setups, with only vertically polarised antennas.
  • More time on 4/5G: spend more time connected, with increased reliability and stability of the connection. Virtually a spheric radiation diagram, better coping with pitch, roll and yawn.
  • Easy Performance Upgrade of existing setups: Update customer’s existing solution with longer reach, higher throughput and stability, while keeping the existing routers – just instal them inside the Ripple for immediate impact.
  • Router Compatibility: The POYNTING RIPPLE dome is compatible with various routers, from multiple manufacturers, allowing for seamless fitting or switching without the need to replace the entire dome.
  • Future-Proof Technology: As technology evolves and routers become obsolete, the POYNTING RIPPLE ensures sustainability. Upon technological evolution (new and better routers, for example), instead of discarding the entire dome, you can simply replace the router, minimizing your investment.
  • Environmental Impact: This approach significantly reduces waste and has a positive impact on the environment.
  • Easy Installation: The installation process is simplified by only requiring the replacement of the router, not the entire dome, making upgrades more efficient.
  • Seamless Conversion: The design enables seamless conversion to another router manufacturer with a superior offering, maintaining flexibility for future technology advancements. Expertise Synergy: By combining our antenna expertise with router specialization, the POYNTING RIPPLE creates a synergistic solution, integrating the best with the best.
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