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Hosting our biggest customer, Emcom, at POYNTING Antennas

During the month of January, Mrs Juan Potgieter, Managing Executive of Sales had the privilege to host not only POYNTING Europe’s biggest customer, but also POYNTING Group’s biggest customer Emcom AS.

Emcom AS is situated in Oslo, Norway and has been a loyal customer of POYNTING since 2006. After many years of dealing with POYNTING, the owners Mr Håvard Vinsrygg & Mr Alf Møllerud decided to visit us at our offices in Samrand, South Africa.

We were delighted with their presence and the opportunity they gave us to get to know them on a professional and personal level. Emcom AS signed a very large project last year July in Norway, supplying Telenor, the service provider in Norway with POYNTING’s new XPOL-2-5G antenna. This is a fantastic reference for POYNTING Europe as this will open more opportunities to further expand our sales in Europe.

We only had a short time to show them some of South Africa’s best tourist attractions. It was such a privilege to have spent some quality time with two wonderful people and great ambassadors for POYNTING. We hope to see them soon!

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