POYNTING Europe had the opportunity of meeting with VADNET during February. They discussed collaboration, networking, and deepening relationships. The team found the meeting productive and rewarding after a long period of remote communication. Here is some feedback from POYNTING Europe:

Tjeerd Huitem
POYNTING Europe Managing Director:

In the Austrian market, we were invited to join the VADNet event for vendors and business partners. As long-term vendors, we were delighted to participate in the event. During the event, we had great conversations and presented upcoming POYNTING antenna solutions such as RIPPLE, LDPA-500, and MIMO-4. We appreciate the constructive feedback and positive discussions on how to grow our business relationship.

Francisca Cateto
POYNTING Europe Marketing Manager:

Over the years, VADnet Europe has played a key role in the growth and development of POYNTING Antennas. As the African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!” This is how we view our growth with our partners. We have generated more brand awareness to support business growth in Europe for both POYNTING Antennas and our partners. I hope I have shared valuable insights about B2B marketing at the VADNET Meeting in Austria.

Birger Hillaert
POYNTING Europe Sales Account Manager:

This meeting among friendly distributors has become a tradition, and POYNTING has become one of the preferred invitees due to our down-to-earth approach and the personal touch we bring to our business dealings. Our skilled support, clear presentations, and transparent communication are always praised by members. We don’t just conduct business but also connect on a personal level during evening dinners, where work and pleasure merge harmoniously.

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