A visit to Shenzhen, China

We kicked off 2024 with a visit to our contract manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. This was not only a business trip but also an opportunity to forge relationships and have a look at the intricate processes that bring our products to life. Joining me on this trip was Shane Mundy, our Research and Development Manager, who is a frequent visitor to our manufacturers in China, as his expertise is instrumental in ensuring the quality of our products.

The purpose of this trip was to speed up the assessment of the antenna prototypes and to provide hands-on training for the team regarding upcoming production lines. It wasn't just about work – we also wanted to establish a personal connection with our Chinese partners. We strongly believe that by strengthening these personal bonds, we will enhance mutual trust and work together even better in the future.

Upon our arrival at Bao'an, Shenzhen, we were warmly greeted by Jack who has helped POYNTING establish and grow our production over many years.

His friendship and dedication to POYNTING are vital and were especially appreciated during COVID when he quickly got production up and running again after the lockdown.

Throughout these challenging times, his consistent openness, approachability, and friendliness were greatly appreciated.

First stop was the manufacturing facility.  The journey to the facility was an eye-opener, as Jack pointed out several universities and schools dotting the landscape—an embodiment of China's commitment to education and progress.

We spent time reconnecting and socialising with the team that is involved in the day-to-day production of our products. It was wonderful meet all the people whom we normally only see online – spending time with the team that forms such an important part of our company. We had a look at the production and quality processes. In this photo, you will see one of the soldering stations in the production line, while working on our MIMO-3 antenna.

Amidst work engagements, we were graciously invited by Jack for dinner.  Additionally we extended invitations to our colleagues that works on the POYNTING products -for dinner and presented them with custom-made dragon-themed gifts. These were handmade by Savannah Taitz at the POYNTING office and celebrates 2024, known as the Year of the Dragon.

An important part of this trip was to visit other suppliers, such as the one responsible for gravity casting of our WaveHunter bases. This process is crucial to the WaveHunter production. This method, where metal is poured into the mould tool, demands meticulous attention to detail. Shane carefully examined the initial samples, providing valuable feedback to ensure impeccable quality standards. When appointing a new supplier, a visit to the factory or facility ensures that we establish a personal relationship with the company representative and management.

It was a trip filled with incredible experiences, from traveling over 300km/h on a high-speed train to admiring the beauty of rural villages and observing people celebrating their heritage by wearing traditional outfits. The hospitality we received —from being serving tea with unparalleled grace to sharing traditional meals with local families—left a lasting impression.

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