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Welcome to the Team Maisa!

Hello, my name is Maísa Craveiro and I am the new Sales Support Engineer for POYNTING Europe.

After finishing my master’s degree last year, it is a huge joy to be joining the POYNTING Family for this new and exciting chapter.

I am originally from Cape Verde, but I moved to Portugal in 2016 to pursue my degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I completed my thesis in electronic circuit design alongside the Telecommunication Institute in Portugal and I also had the opportunity to work for Microsoft as a Support Engineer for the Windows Directory Services Team.

 I am a very open and curious person, with a broad range of interests and always seeking to learn new things.

Besides my fascination for science and technology, I also have a passion for art. I dance and produce music and spend most of my free time creating things. Exploring new methods of creation is my drive and what motivates me both in my personal and professional lives. I would like to one day combine these two passions and explore the intricacies of sound engineering and sound design.

 I am very grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to bringing my contribution to all the exciting projects that lie ahead and leave a positive impact on the company.

POYNTING Europe’s Heartwarming Gesture

During the last holiday season, POYNTING Europe spread some warmth and cheer to its valued customers. As a token of appreciation, customers were treated to branded oven gloves and pot holders, along with traditional South African recipes for Bobotie and Malvapudding. These warm and hearty dishes added a flavourful touch to European celebrations.

The response from our community was nothing short of delightful. Customers eagerly shared snapshots of their culinary creations, showcasing both the delicious dishes and our branded gloves in action. Among them, Louise showed us that the potholders have many innovative applications and Fabrice just emphasised again that the   EPNT-4 is the hot, Hot, HOT product of the season!

We want to thank everyone who joined in with pictures and stories, making our holiday season more fun with your excitement and clever ideas. Top of Form

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