Your 4G/5G connections could be much better: 4 steps are all it takes!

By using a good outdoor antenna connected to your cellular router, you will ensure a more stable and reliable connection for all of your devices. Once you’ve chosen your external antenna, which shouldn’t take you more than 20 seconds if you’re using this antenna selection tool, you just need to install it properly.

Installing an outdoor antenna for your cellular router is a relatively easy process that makes a big difference in your connection’s speed and stability. With the following simple steps, you can quickly and easily improve your cellular internet connection, as soon as you receive your antenna:

  1. Locate the network masts in your area, or test signal levels at different locations by placing the antenna outdoors with an extension cable. Use your router web interface to determine the best installation spot without drilling any holes in your walls.
  2. Securely mount the antenna in the chosen location using the provided accessories and installation manual, which includes a 1:1 scale drilling template available on POYNTING's website (link) for easy installation.
  3. "Connect the antenna to your router with a coaxial cable, avoiding sharp bends or kinks that can weaken the signal. For runs longer than 10 meters, use a lower-loss cable or choose POYNTING's antennas with built-in router mounts. Watch this video on ePoynt antennas for more information.
  4. Connect the cable to your router and test the signal level. Adjust the directional antenna, if needed, for the strongest signal.

Take action now and enjoy faster, more reliable cellular internet today! Don't miss out on these easy steps to improve your Internet and IoT connections.

Watch these videos now to get started Here is a playlist with some installation advice.

Still need more detail? Ask us for a detailed eBook where we give further details on how to ensure you follow these 4 steps!

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