Introducing New Partners

We take great pleasure in welcoming two new POYNTING partners, telecommunication companies Masterline and Symbolise Communications.  Masterline is based in Slovenia and Symbolise is based in the United Arab Emirates.

POYNTING Europe is pleased to introduce Masterline as our official representative and distributor of POYNTING Products in Slovenia.

Masterline has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry and has been active in Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia. They offer a wide spectrum of telecommunication services and products to their customers in the region.

They have proven technical experience in the field. They are proud to be a reliable partner with a rich tradition. As a leading provider in the industry, they offer reliable solutions for the future.

“To achieve business goals takes more than a partnership with your supplier. We choose POYNTING Antennas because they offer everything that we are looking for: an experienced and reliable supplier  who are experts in their field. They fulfil our requirements in an excellent manner and most importantly, they have great product quality. It is always a pleasure to do business with a partner such as POYNTING and we are happy to be their distributer.”, Klavdij Skubin, Technical Pre-Sales Engineer

Masterline has been actively involved in the development of telecommunications in Slovenia and the wider region since 1991.  The dynamic nature of this field demands the highest degree of professional attitude on our side. It is POYNTING’s honor to cooperate with the largest telecommunication companies in Slovenia, whereby we are at the same time aware of the importance and the long-term responsibility of the projects that have been entrusted to us.

Rigorous criteria of the telecommunications field can be met only through our cooperation with carefully chosen suppliers and highly trained staff. POYNTING take these guidelines for the basis of our working policy, which not only encourages us to keep constant track of the continuous development within the area of telecommunications, but also allows us to participate in this development through strengthening our partnership with the leading manufacturers worldwide.

Even though Slovenia still is our widest market according to the business operations criteria, we spread our activity beyond our national bquotations as well.

We will invest our efforts into preserving what Masterline Company has stood for from the start – providing the most contemporary telecommunication solutions and being a reliable partner. Development of this field directed us to the area of information technologies as well, and we look forward to investing more energy into this field in the future. We enjoy new challenges and cooperating with those partners who make us push our own limits,Simultaneously ensuring our continuous development.

“With this new distributor, POYNTING seeks to enhance cooperation in telecommunication solutions and increase presence in eastern countries.” – Tjeerd Huitema, Managing Director of POYNTING Europe GmbH.

Our next addition to the
POYNTING family is
Symbolise Communications

Located In United Arab Emirates

POYNTING Antenna’s International division is pleased to announce their new partner Symbolise who are situated in the U.A.E. Symbolise Communications is a telecommunication and broadcast distributor based in Dubai. The company was established in 2015, specializing in the Middle East and Africa markets. Through our local warehouse and the U.A.E’s excellent infrastructure, we are well-positioned to service the region.

Symbolise aims to position itself as a distributor of the best performing quality products our customers can rely on and derive value from. The coverage and performance of the mobile networks are increasing all the time, becoming a more important means for operators to provide services to their customers.

This is to the detriment of for example satellite & fixed. We therefore wanted to add a range of mobile network antennas which can be offered to maximize the potential of mobile networks. POYNTING ticked all the boxes. It’s a top brand.

Ever since starting the partnership with POYNTING last year, we are amazed by the level of support we’ve received. We have goals in common, to develop the market and address customers’ needs.

To boost growth, we added a new staff member (Rizki Dini) who is focusing on sales and Business development. We have already completed online training to familiarize ourselves more with the products. Hopefully the COVID restrictions will be relaxed further to also allow participation in tradeshows together.

We started with stocking a few antennas in our Ras al Khaimah warehouse allowing us to deliver the POYNTING antennas quickly, even on the same day if necessary. We will continue to expand our stockholding as we grow market awareness.

Through this exciting partnership, we believe that both Symbolise and POYNTING will have opportunities to serve more customers with valuable products and services. Also, we thank you for your great cooperation, and look forward to continued partnership of success into 2022 and beyond.

Please reach out to the Symbolise sales team to get more information about POYNTING products or to seek advice on which antenna to choose. You can contact us  on email at [email protected]

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