POYNTING Expands The Successful MIMO-3 Antenna Series With 4 X 4 LTE/5G Models

All cellular wireless routers have transmission frequency bands for wireless communication, which are based on industry and telecom standards. It is therefore crucial to choose the right antenna for your application. POYNTING antennas have proven to make a difference and improve the performance of wireless solutions.

As technologies evolve and the introduction of CAT-18 and 5G-routers slowly enter the international market, we observe an increasing demand for the 4 x 4 MIMO LTE/5G antennas.

Based on market feedback and customer requests to have one unit which covers all main European frequencies, the engineers from POYNTING Antennas have created the unique and unmatched MIMO-3-V2 antennas series.

Each unit consist of multiple antenna solutions which includes an optional GPS/Glonass antennas, optional Dual-Band Wi-Fi antennas and LTE antennas:

  1. Frequency range: 410 – 3800 MHz. True OMNI-directionality at each popular and main cellular frequency band used in Europe. This includes the important 450 MHz range which amongst others are very popular in Norway.
  2. POYNTING Antennas are one of the first antenna producers to introduce the new 5G frequency bands in its antenna solutions, which makes the MIMO-3-V2 future proof!
  3. True omni-directionality. The radiation patterns at all usable frequencies ensures that the antenna radiates equally in each direction (360° around its axis). The radiation patterns provide an excellent balance between omni-directionality, pattern diversity and good radiation abilities at the desired elevation of base stations (not too steep upwards nor downwards). This means that the MIMO-3-V2 antenna can connect to base stations very far away and establish a strong connection.
  4. The variation of the gain measured on each frequency is optimized across all bands and kept as low as possible. This is to secure optimal performance in each direction.
  5. All antennas are isolated in one housing to reduce interference and negative influences which leads to performance optimisation.

Till now the available MIMO-3-V2 antenna series had 2 x 2 MIMO LTE/5G antennas installed and the router modems at the time only had two antenna inputs available per modem (1 x ANT + 1 AUX). With the next generation of CAT-18 routers introduced, we will see router modems with four antenna inputs, which require more antennas to be connected to achieve of what CAT-18 / 5G has to offer.

Also, for customers with multiple 2 x 2 MIMO router modems there is an option to reduce the number of antennas to be installed, mostly for aesthetic and costs reasons.

POYNTING Antennas now introduce the MIMO-3-V2-14 and MIMO-3-V2-17 multi-functional antennas for mobile and fixed applications with 4 x 4 MIMO configuration.

You will notice that the units provide a unique experience, they are well designed, made with superior quality materials and the installation is very easy with clear instructions laid out in the POYNTING installation and mounting leaflet that is supplied with the product.

The unit comes with two different spigot lengths for thinner and thicker roof types. The mounting base is made from soft material to support the mounting on uneven surfaces. Further 3M-tape is available to seal the unit and strengthen the mounting. If you want to secure the mounting even more, then six screws are available and can be used. Optionally we have a set of magnetic base brackets available to support temporary installations.

The MIMO-3-V2 and the PUCK-Series are IP-68 certified, salt-water resistant and as such also suitable for marine applications.

All antennas are E-Mark certified and have ECE 118.2R certified cabling and is widely accepted in the automotive industry.

It you are travelling to remote areas, mountains, sea shores, but also in large cities, urban areas or you are using high-ways, motorways or country roads the POYNTING MIMO-3-V2 antenna will keep you connected anywhere and everywhere 24/7/365 (provided you are in area where there is no signal).

POYNTING have secured limited stock at our locations in Europe, China, and South Africa.

Please contact your authorized POYNTING Antennas value added distributor for more technical details and information on pricing, availability and possible lead times.

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