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POYNTING Europe Team Visit SA!

In the realm of global business, forging strong international partnerships and nurturing cross-bquotation collaborations is an endeavor of paramount significance. A recent expedition by the POYNTING Europe team to South Africa, has proven to be a pivotal milestone in this ongoing journey of growth and collaboration. Their remarkable trip was filled with valuable experiences and insights. The team had the opportunity to engage in personal meetings, connect positively with their counterparts in South Africa, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this vibrant market. Here’s a summary of their feedback:

Francisca Cateto, the Marketing Manager for the POYNTING Europe Team and an integral part of the team, embarked on this journey and returned with a wealth of insights. She outlined several action items that have the potential to transform the course of POYNTING’s international outreach. These actions will kick-start vital marketing-related initiatives, and her observations promise to lead the team toward a path of remarkable progress.

Hugo Carvalho, Sales Account Manager, reflected on the trip, highlighting significant growth in building trust and a better understanding of challenges on both sides. He found the experience to be energizing, filled with a strong drive to move forward.

Birger Hillaert, Sales Account Manager, offered equally illuminating insights. He recognized the importance of prioritizing efforts to grow the business effectively and emphasized the need for providing compelling arguments for the team’s needs. These insights are certain to shape the team’s strategy moving forward.

Sofia Alexiou, the Sales Account Manager from Greece, found that her personal meetings during the trip were a resounding success. She emphasized the importance of forging positive connections and experienced an undeniable bond with the POYNTING South Africa Team and the presence.

John Hoeven, another essential Sales Account Manager, observed a remarkable alignment between POYNTING Europe and the South African team. His keen observations unveiled an abundance of positive energy and prompted a valuable suggestion – calling for regular strategy updates and follow-up to ensure that the momentum generated during the trip is harnessed effectively.

And lastly, Tjeerd Huitema, the Managing Director, expressed his appreciation for the team’s presence in South Africa and acknowledged the hard work that lies ahead. He emphasized the importance of acting on the insights gathered from the session with Johan Greeff from Treetops Management & Development Consultants, believing that they hold the key to low-hanging fruit opportunities and will be instrumental in navigating the diversity and contrasts in the South African market.

The journey of the POYNTING Europe team to South Africa has been a resounding success. Their invaluable insights and the enthusiasm shared during the trip bode well for the future. As the team sets its sights on new horizons and fresh collaborations, it is evident that the lessons learned in South Africa will guide them toward new heights of international success.

Exhibiting at BUSWORLD Europe 2023

BUSWORLD Europe 2023 was an outstanding success for our partners and POYNTING, marking a significant milestone in the realm of cutting-edge connectivity solutions. Together with OES Line, Sierra Wireless, and ALLNET, we created a memorable exhibition experience that left attendees truly impressed.

OES Line solidified their position as experts in bus and coach conversions, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and multimedia services. Their extensive services gained widespread acclaim from exhibition visitors, highlighting their expertise and comprehensive offerings.

Allnet, your partner for connectivity solutions and IT infrastructure solutions to the automotive and automotive aftermarket industry in Europe, connects all partners at the booth with a comprehensive offering.

Sierra Wireless showcased advanced 5G router-modem solutions, in collaboration with our POYNTING antenna solutions for mobility. Both solutions, distributed by Allnet GmbH, played a pivotal role in the success of BUSWORLD 2023, underlining the significance of our partnerships.

POYNTING Antennas, unveiled a range of high-performance cellular and Wi-Fi antennas that captured the attention of industry experts and customers. Our promise of seamless, lightning-fast connectivity enthralled attendees, enhancing their travel experiences.

Visitors to our booth enjoyed an exclusive preview of our ground-breaking 5G 9-in-1 antenna solution, featuring a diverse range of antennas tailored for various needs. These offerings generated substantial interest and excitement among industry professionals, reaffirming our commitment to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions. In summary, BUSWORLD Europe 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the strength of our partnerships and the innovative antennas from POYNTING.

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