Poynting celebrates Aaron Malwane!

We celebrate our employee Aaron Malwane who is proud to be completing 20 years of service with POYNTING Antennas. At the age of 25 Aaron took on a new challenge and began working at POYNTING Antennas where he continues to showcase his unique skill set and advancement within his career. He firmly believes that the organization always delivers on their promise because of their exceptional company culture and people. Here is what Aaron has to say about his amazing journey with POYNTING.

What are some of your highlights working at POYNTING Antennas?

Aaron started with POYNTING at the age of 25. He is now 46 years old and the last 20 years of his career at POYNTING Antennas have been filled with countless milestones. A highlight during this time was starting the production of the YAGI-14 Antenna (this is now discontinued). He executed this manually by cutting the directional elements. He said that he started off very nervous, but by the end of that day, Aaron had produced 5 YAGI-14 Antennas, and this motivated him. Aaron also started production on the 8DBI Baby Patch Antenna.

What has kept you at POYNTING Antennas for the last 20 years?

“I love what I do”, Aaron mentions. He is passionate about his work and enjoys it. This encourages him to learn more and be the best he can be. Things are constantly changing within the organization, and this brings Aaron a sense of excitement. Aaron extends a heartfelt thank you to all his colleagues and line managers who have helped shape him along the way.

What have you gained from POYNTING?

Aaron advised that he has gained a vast amount of knowledge and mentorship from Andre Fourie, Mark Haarhoff, and Derek Nitch. Aaron further mentioned that the people he works with have had a great impact on him and this encourages him to always produce the best.

Who inspires you at POYNTING?

Derek Nitch and Mark Haarhoff are two people who have inspired him over the last 20 years. Derek has a calm personality and is willing to always assist. Mark is a great teacher; and he would explain how something worked so that you understand it clearly. I cannot fault them as they are very inspiring in my journey.

What is your favorite work memory?

When the OMNI-39 – Blade Antenna was released I was a Production Leader at the time and we were told we would receive a commission based on the production. On that specific day we produced over 500 antennas. Another favorite work memory was when Aaron went to Italy and had to rebuild 1600 antennas within two weeks. This was a thrilling experience, and he is so grateful to have these milestones.

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