Poynting Direct Becomes Inteto Connect

We are excited to announce that POYNTING Direct (Pty) Ltd has undergone a name change and we are now known as INTETO CONNECT (PTY) LTD.

It became clear that it was necessary to differentiate between POYNTING Antennas (Pty) Ltd and its African distribution as a lot of confusion existed between customers and other distributors alike as to the difference between POYNTING Antennas and POYNTING Direct (now Inteto Connect).

Inteto Connect (POYNTING Direct) will still be a proud distributor of POYNTING’s antennas and other products, but is not limited in this regard and is currently offering additional products and services including a wide range of electronics, site surveys and installation services. The name change now clearly differentiates between POYNTING Antennas as a manufacturer and Inteto Connect acting as a South African distributor.

Inteto Connect is not a fully owned subsidiary of POYNTING Antennas and is 51% owned by a Trust of which the majority of our black employees are beneficiaries. As a level 2 BBBEE empowered company Inteto Connect can create its own identity reflecting not just its cultural diversity but also the diversity of its products; namely premium antennas manufactured by POYNTING Antennas as well as, for example, a more cost-effective range of antennas which will be branded Chi-Tennas as result of local demand. Inteto Connect remains a distributor for CCI, Blinq, Juniper and others.

Inteto Connect would like to assure customers and suppliers alike that it is business as usual. All company details such as VAT number, registration number, bank account details, addresses, telephone numbers, account managers, deliveries, and all other operations remain unchanged and unaffected.

We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for years of loyal support and we are looking forward to the future; doing what we love – “making connectivity happen”.

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