Poynting & Frontier BV Provide Wi-Fi & LTE Connectivity For Mobile Home & Office

Project Information

Customer: Huth Family www.all-colors-of-life.com
Location: Europe & North America
Partners: Frontier BV
POYNTING Product: MIMO-1 Multi-functional Antenna


In the summer of 2018, the Huth Family changed their life and left their comfort zone. They sold their house in Munich and almost all of their belongings and moved into a motorhome with their 2 children.Lysann and Mathias had secretly prepared for the project for about one year before going public. Mathias has worked for more than 16 years for Bosch within several roles as Consultant, Product Manager and Marketing Director.Lysann, having 2 degrees in Business Administration & Sport was a Product Manager, a self-employed Marketing Consultant and “Project Manager” for the “Once-around-the-World” journey.

The Challenge

Travelling once around the world in a motorhome while learning, working and communicating was the challenge the Huth family faced. A stable and fast Internet is the basis for their new life model. Mathias is building his own business as a management consultant (www.remote-consulting.com).He works with customers from all over the world via Skype, e-mail and telephone. As a communications professional, Lysann is responsible for social media and takes care of the kids’ education. Both Kids (6 and 13 years) learn by means of learning software on their laptop and iPad.

The Solution

As the family enjoys both nature and camping sites, a robust and powerful solution was required that would allow access to both a mobile phone network and available WLAN. When driving, a stable Internet connection is also important in quotation to be able to work on the road. The Huth family, therefore, decided on the POYNTING MIMO – 1 antenna with LTE, WiFi and GPS all built-in, in combination with the Pepwave MAX BR1 router.The antenna is mounted at the front on the roof of the 9m long Carthago motorhome. The router is located in the vehicle, directly under the antenna. The short connection between antenna and router keeps any RF losses to a minimum. The Huth family are connected to the Internet via the LTE-A router or via WLAN at the pitch or camping site. As a media server for music & films, a Fritzbox is connected to the Pepwave Router via WLAN. The WLAN of the Fritzbox is used to connect the kids’ mobile devices.Since public WLAN networks are well known to be insecure, the Huth’s use a VPN client, which they activate each time they connect to a WLAN on a campsite with their respective end devices.

The Result

Due to the 5cm aluminum–sandwich frame of the motorhome, the strength of the cellular network, as well as the WLAN network, is significantly limited. Thanks to the highly sensitive MIMO-1 antenna, even the lowest available cell and WLAN signals are received, amplified and transmitted to the router. The router is building up a strong WLAN, which is available as far away as 200m from the car. Within the easily accessible browser-based user interface of the router, several features can be utilized such as the regularly used night shutdown of the router WLAN.

The customer said:

“I was amazed how easy it was, to install and configure the system. Marking the hole for drilling, drilling, fixing and sealing of the antenna, connecting the cables with the antenna and the router and configuring the router, that’s it!”

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