Poynting Is Expanding – Meet Ernst Coetzee

Ernst Coetzee – RF Engineer/Product Manager

POYNTING is excited to introduce Ernst Coetzee. He joins POYNTING in the R&D Department as the new RF Engineer, and assistant Product Manager. We would like to welcome Ernst to the POYNTING Team and trust he will be a great addition.

Hi, I am Ernst Coetzee and I’m the newly appointed RF engineer/Product Manager at POYNTING Antennas.

Considering this year and all it’s exciting changes that are bound to happen, this career change has been one of the thrilling ones so far. I have a passion for RF and finished my master’s degree in RF engineering at the University of Pretoria in 2018.

Thereafter I worked at an RF testing and certification lab in Pretoria. Despite my love for RF work, I also have a passion for cars and would love to one day be involved with automotive design! I have always had a need for speed since I was a little boy and this passion has not subsided, but rather increased!

I also enjoy being outdoors and running with my fiancé in our free time. We have been together for nearly three years and this year we will be making it official and will be tying the knot in October. Family is very important to both of us and we look forward to starting our journey as a married couple together!

I am grateful for the opportunity to add value to the company in the future and I am looking forward to this new and exciting endeavour at POYNTING Antennas.

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