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POYNTING had some great marketing exposure after the last few months. From successful shows with our partners from BellEquip to Novatel, to attending the Rajant Summit in Arizona, as well as visiting our European partners and attending the VADnet meeting.

Rajant Summit – Arizona, USA

During the month of April Ms. Juan Potgieter, Head of International Sales and Mr. Stephen Froneman, Product Manager of POYNTING attended the annual Rajant Partner Summit in Wickenburg Arizona and had the opportunity to exhibit at their showcase.

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Getting a lot of interest in our brand-new HELI-22 a helically polarized antenna that is specially designed for underground and mining purposes.  (Read more about why a helical antenna is better for underground communication here). Rajant Corporation developed its patented Kinetic Mesh technology – and in turn became the pioneer provider of the most adaptable, scalable and readily deployed private mobile broadband networks on the market today. Most of the Rajant Distributors and strategic partners were present at the show and crucial introductions were made, with potential opportunity to sign new distributors across the globe and entering the underground market in broader areas of the world.

Novatel Site Visit & ELECTEX CORK 2019 Exhibition

Novatel Communication founders and owners Mrs. Niamh Cullum-O’Reilly and Mr Frank O’Reilly met in Buttevant, Ireland with Mr. Tjeerd Huitema, Managing Director of POYNTING Europe for a one-day training and strategy session on POYNTING Antennas. Novatel Communications is a telecommunications specialist, offering professional sales and support to installations of wireless, voice and data solutions nationwide. Novatel and POYNTING started a co-operation some one and a half years ago. Frank, who himself has done many installations, is responsible for technical support and product recommendations. 

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Niamh has long-term background experience in sales, particularly within Australia working for telecoms. Novatel not only distributes POYNTING Antennas but also Peplink, Teltonika and Stelladoradus repeaters. On 11 April 2019, Novatel participated in the first one-day Electex conference and exhibition in Cork, in the South of Ireland. One might say a bit of an experiment, but the POYNTING brand and the Novatel stand attracted quite a lot of visitors. Some were already familiar with the POYNTING brand where others have become POYNTING enthusiasts. Contact Novatel Communications.

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BellEquip presented POYNTING Antennas at the SMART Automation in Linz, Austria

Industrial automation needs, above all, communication technology that connects. Under the slogan “We speak fluent M2M & IoT”, the exhibition team of our Austrian sales partner BellEquip presented its connectivity solutions for industrialisation and automation at the SMART Automation in the Design Centre Linz from 14 to 16 May 2019. 

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For the sixth time, BellEquip participated as an exhibitor at this very well attended trade fair. For the first time, POYNTING Antennas’ portfolio was also placed in the spotlight which prompted great interest amongst the visitors. In the industrial automation sector, antennas are becoming more and more important, as customers are realising that they can have the most fantastic router with fantastic management software. However, if they cannot connect to the site due to connectivity issues, this will have a negative impact on the bottom line and particularly, the relationship with the customer. The antenna is a critical part of the wireless solution. BellEquip was able to demonstrate the performance and high quality of various POYNTING antennas displayed at the Smart Automation exhibition.

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Visiting our European customers & attending VADnet

On Sunday evening 7 June, Mr. Tjeerd Huitema, MD of POYNTING Europe and Dr André Fourie, CEO of POYNTING Group met in Copenhagen, Denmark to kick off their POYNTING European Customer visit tour. It has been a long-time aspiration of Dr André Fourie to personally visit the various customers, discuss their needs, the markets and to present POYNTING Group’s new developments. In Denmark Mr. Huitema and Dr. Fourie met with Mr. Ib Brønnum from Allnet Nordics A/S. In the Netherlands they met with Mr. Richard Koenders from Frontier Computer Corp. b.v.  All their partners were thrilled to meet Dr. Fourie in person, as they have only seen him in his very popular YouTube videos.

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In Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Mr. Huitema and Dr. Fourie also had a quick visit to their logistics service provider, Midl Logistics b.v. Mr. Jos Janssen-Steenberg was happy to show the fully stocked warehouse – currently moving rapidly – as one can see a big load of XPOL-1 cross polarized OMNI-Directional antennas being loaded for shipping to the United Kingdom.

On 11 April 2019, the group meetings for the VADNet Europe partnership (which is a Pan-European network of value-add distributors for solutions such as IoT and fixed wireless broadband) met in Lyon to meet with Dr. André Fourie. He stated that “it was a wonderful occasion to meet with such important customers and promotors of POYNTING’s antenna technology solutions in Europe. We have had a fantastic exchange of thoughts, market developments and of course new POYNTING antenna technologies, [plus we] discussed the real benefits of a POYNTING antenna, the electrical superior performance across the bands”.

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r André Fourie’s presentation highlighted the phenomenal low-profile PUCK antenna solutions which features next to outstanding electrical performance and a vast amount of mounting options out of the box. Likewise, incredible innovative solutions for circular polarized HELI (dual band wi-fi, LoRa/Sigfox & LTE) antennas were demonstrated. A brand-new prototype of the MIMO-3 antenna, which consists of four LTE antennas, two Dual Band Wi-Fi antennas and one GPS/Glonass antenna, was presented. *

All the new antenna solutions were well received by the VADNet Group members and other customers. A wonderful evening of wine tasting, great food and great conversations took place to close off the very pleasant and successful meeting with the VADNet partners. Dr. Fourie and Mr. Huitema were also accompanied by Mr. Keith Bloomer, Technical Sales Manager of POYNTING Europe.

*please contact POYNTING at [email protected] for more information regarding the presented antenna solutions.


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