Spotlight On Guenther Lugauer From BellEquip, Austria

BellEquip in the Austria is one of our many fantastic European partners. BellEquip has been in the market for many years and their business centres around antennas, routers and industrial networking among others.

We learnt a bit more about BellEquip’s Co-owner and CEO, Guenther Lugauer.

What did you study? 

I first studied at the college for commerce, and since finishing there, I have been studying medical technology in Vienna.

How long have you been doing what you are doing?

It has been 11 years now in our business, and I am grateful that I still learn new things every single day.

What are your hobbies?

Leading the company, means there is not much time left for many hobbies, but there are two hobbies that are very important to me. Firstly, playing soccer every Friday evening with my friends, and secondly gardening with Mediterranean plants in my garden.

Do you have children? How many?

I am the lucky father of two wonderful daughters. Sara, who is 11 and Lea who is 8 years old.

Any interest in sport?

Yes, I am quite interested in sport, particularly soccer, tennis, volleyball, running, and cycling.

What is your favourite food?

There is only one kind of pizza – A Margherita. Otherwise a good salad with rocket, parmesan and olive-oil.

Your favourite place to go on holiday?

Over the last few years, I’ve come to love the Austrian mountains. Both in summer and winter.

What would you change in your life (if anything)?

I am quite satisfied with how things are going right now. A good change would be to grow more grateful for all the good things in my life (family, business, etc).

Tell us something unique about BellEquip and give a short summary about the company?

BellEquip has a team of 15 people, located in northern Austria. We have been in the market for 15 years now and have built up a good reputation in Austria within our main business areas, namely antennas, routers, KVM, UPS, industrial networking. Our employees are technically trained on a high level, in quotation for us to provide real value to our customers and build up long-term relationships with them. The relationships we have with our manufacturers are very special, as we like to work with friends, not just business partners!

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