The First 4×4 MIMO Omni-directional antenna from POYNTING

The OMNI-414 is the first 4×4 MIMO Omni-directional antenna from POYNTING. With four wideband antennas in one enclosure, you now have less antennas mounted on your vessel, but excellent performance all round.

POYNTING offers a range of Marine and Coastal antennas that will give you superfast internet at a fraction of the cost of a satellite link. Having affordable internet access on your smartphone or tablet as far as *70 kilometres from the coast is possible with a POYNTING Marine Antenna.

Fast Internet connectivity is a non-negotiable on any marine vessel whether it is a pleasure, research, commercial, rescue or fishing. Internet connectivity is expected by both crew and guests and trip operators can provide extra value to the consumers by offering a fast and reliable service.

You would think all marine antenna offer works well in all directions, but that is not always the case and we have measured antennas with shocking results. Our OMNI-414 works, no matter which side of your vessel faces the coast or mobile tower.

With the OMNI-414 you are making the right choice. This, our first ever 4×4 MIMO omni-directional antenna covers all the contemporary 5G/LTE bands for cellular communication with a fantastic omni-directional pattern.

What does this mean for you?

  • Four antennas in one enclosure.
  • Wide band coverage from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz.
  • Less antennas on your vessel.
  • Robust and all-weather proof for harsh conditions. IP68

The OMNI-414 has the same gain all around which is very important in any marine antenna. The antenna has a peak gain of 3.5dBi across the bands of operation – which is much LOWER than competing products. Low gain means wider beamwidth – so your vessel can roll and still have signal. A marine omni-directional antenna needs to work, even if your vessel is rolling in the waves and this antenna will allow for optimum coverage in harsh sea conditions.

“Always ask for the measured patterns when you compare antennas,” warns POYNTING R&D Manager, Shane Mundy. “We regularly see products that shows great simulated results, but when measured they don’t measure up!”

In the example on the right is a competitor’s antenna – the pattern looks omni-directional at first glance, but the variation in gain is nearly 5 dBi in different directions. The antenna will therefore have great performance in a specific direction, but as soon as the antenna is rotated, the performance will drop by 5dB.

The OMNI-414 has a near perfect pattern with a deviation of only 0.5 dB, which ensures good communication to land, independent of the orientation of your vessel in the water.

Installers still tend to evaluate an omni-directional antenna on gain and that is not the primary specification to look at in an omni – it must be evaluated on its omni-directionality first.

*We have had customers on vessels that has used our antennas and shown communication at distances as much as 70 kms and further. Remember that the distance you will get will depend on much more than the antenna. Things to consider is the power of the transmitting tower, your router or modem, the terrain, how high your antenna is mounted and more.

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