The New XPOL-2-5G

POYNTING Antennas are about to release a new 5G ready version of their popular XPOL-2 antenna.

The existing XPOL-2 antenna has already become very popular with our customers, who wanted a high performance uni-directional 2×2 MIMO LTE antenna which is capable of 698MHz to 2.7GHz. The existing XPOL-2 antenna, being the second generation of this POYNTING antenna, has become known as a benchmark of RF engineering design and quality for this type of antenna. Due to the high market demand, we have decided to continue producing the existing XPOL-2 antenna (V2) and additionally introduce a new 5G ready model (V3) of the same antenna. This provides customer options for the existing XPOL-2 LTE antenna and additionally for its 5G ready version.

The additional 5G ready model will be named the XPOL-2-5G and will offer exceptional performance from 698MHz through 3.8GHz. Both antennas will look similar from the outside but wait until you try the new one! We rightfully consider this our next generation of this antenna due to the innovative technology used, hence its wider bandwidth while further enhancing efficiency and RF performance.

We plan to release the XPOL-2-5G in mid-September, with all the related specifications and information available at launch. quotations will be possible from October/November 2019. Some customers may want to continue quotationing our existing XPOL-2, and some customers may want our new XPOL-2-5G; the option will be yours.

Please keep an eye open for the launch of this new antenna next month, as we expect to create much deserved excitement amongst our customers.

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