Poynting Increases Manufacturing Capacity for 2021 and Beyond

To keep ahead with growing volume demands, POYNTING Antennas is investing in the expansion of its antenna manufacturing capacity in South Africa and China.

During January 2021, our Chinese factory moved to a new facility in the same Industrial Complex in Shenzen. With this move we doubled the size of the previous facility. This allowed for an increase in production lines of the fast-moving products, as well as more warehouse space.

The South African factory focuses on manufacturing specialised products, of which we now have a permanent helical antenna production line. Different versions of our popular mining and tunnelling antennas are always in production.

The production of these antennas has been improved by adding more manufacturing jigs to streamline and simplify the work on the line. Our R&D team have also designed plastic injection moulding tooling for more parts of the antennas that were previously made by hand. This greatly speed up the manufacturing time and improve quality and uniformity of the products.

During the last quarter of 2020, a new paint spray booth has been installed, tested, and commissioned at our South African factory. We can now paint both the standard and Intrinsically Safe versions of the helical antennas in-house.

Several new network analysers were also purchased as every single antenna that comes off a POYNTING production line is electrically tested before it is booked into stores or shipped to a customer. With this expansion and improvements, we hope to be supplying more of our antennas that outperforms competitors electrically and mechanically.

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