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Being connected, everywhere, anytime, has become an intrinsic requirement for our society. Internet connectivity has scaled up our ability to collaborate, making communication and information easily accessible from different parts of the globe. However, providing a wide and consistent network coverage often requires complex equipment and infrastructure which is not always available nor feasible in remote locations. Our EPNT range of antennas brings connectivity a mile further, offering a small, easy, and centralized solution for such challenging environments.

Product presentation

The EPNT antennas combine the best of both worlds. As external antennas, they can extend communication to regions where fiber coverage is not possible. But taking this solution to the next level, the EPNT antennas can house the router internally, providing a full and clean CPE solution, that not only dismisses the need for extensive cabling, but also provides an increased performance with fewer cable losses.


Developing high performing antennas with extensive coverage can substantially increase the range of wireless communication. But these antennas need to be connected to transmitting and receiving devices that store and process information.

The coaxial cables connecting the antennas to the routers introduce losses which can, in some cases, decrease and even override the benefit of using an external antenna altogether. To minimize such losses, users are required to keep the cables short, imposing limitations to the positioning of antennas, which often result in not getting the best achievable performance out of these devices.

The EPNT tackles these challenges by allowing the router to be housed inside the antenna, thus greatly minimizing the cable losses. With this solution, only one ethernet cable is output from the antenna, with neglectable losses, thus enabling for greater cable lengths and the possibility of installing the antenna virtually anywhere.

Making use of cross-polarized antennas, with 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO, the EPNT delivers solid connections safeguarded against reflections and obstructions, and with a higher data throughput, making it ideal for a variety of applications.


Whether it is to boost signal strength for remote working in rural areas, or for IoT applications in smart agriculture and smart city implementations that require interconnecting sensors, surveillance cameras, remote monitoring, and emergency systems. The EPNT antennas are also highly suitable for temporary applications, where the cost and resources to deploy complex solutions can be prevented. Construction sites, concerts, festivals, sports events, markets and other outdoor events can all take advantage of these antennas, to deploy a quick, efficient, centralized solution that is versatile and highly adaptable.

Mechanical features

The EPNT’s sleek and stylish design does not call to question the device’s ruggedness. The high-quality build material makes the EPNT saltwater protected, vandal and weatherproof with options with IP67/IP65 and IK10/IK08 rating. These antennas are rated for temperatures from -40°C to +80°C and will survive winds of up to 220 km/h making them fit to operate in extreme weather environments like vessels and offshore platforms, mining, pipelines, oil rigs, harbors and other applications with limited accessibility and where driving cables can be an inconvenient approach.

 All these benefits come hand-in-hand with a low complexity solution, easily accessible without burdensome installation procedures, easy maintenance, allied with higher data throughputs and overall increased performance.

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