Onboard Reliability with the EPNT-4 and RUTX50

This customer initially planned to create an internet hotspot on his boat with an I-Phone, which was a very inconvenient solution. He then decided for a more professional and permanent solution and decided on the Teltonika RUTX50 built into a POYNTING EPNT-4 enclosure with integrated antennas.

The testing process ensures compliance with the requirements outlined in the NSW Technical Reference Guide MDG 3608. Conducted by SIMTARS (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station) in Australia, this assessment included three tests:

Before installing the solution on his boat, he decided to test it at his home, close to Munich, Germany. This is his feedback:

“Currently, the tests are being conducted on land at my home. Here are the test results:

  • GPS: The GPS functionality is performing excellently, sometimes connecting to up to 9 satellites with high precision.
  • Speed: The LTE speed reaches up to 100 Mbit, although unfortunately, there is no 5G available at my home. It’s important to note that the speed varies significantly and depends on the choice of the test server. Drawing a conclusion about the speed is premature given my local conditions.
  • Temperature Inside the Antenna: During testing, the temperature inside the antenna reached up to 55°C, with an outside temperature of 32°C while being fully exposed to the sun. This is a critical test result as it addresses concerns about the temperature inside the antenna potentially affecting the router. The router’s specifications allow for operation between -40°C and +75°C. However, it’s worth noting that I couldn’t measure the electrical load of the router, and there might be even higher temperatures when the router operates as a repeater in an existing WiFi network with multiple connected users.
  • WiFi Signal: The WiFi signal is satisfactory. During testing, the antenna was placed on the first-floor balcony, and the computer was located on the ground floor. I’m particularly eager to see how the WiFi performs inside my boat, which is constructed from aluminium.
Once the customer has installed the solution on his boat, it will be great to see what the results in real life are.

When looking at the temperature results please note that Routers/Router boards have their own operating temperatures as provided in their individual data sheets. Routers/router boards mounted within an EPNT-4 which is exposed to solar radiation will operate at 10-12°C above ambient temperature. Please take this into consideration and select your device to be used with the EPNT-4 accordingly.
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