These refer to Reference-Signal-Receive-Power, Reference-Signal-Receive-Quality and Signal-to-Interference-and-Noise-Ratio. Refer to the Table attached on this Page remembering that when we say >= -80 (for RSRP) then -70dBm > -80dBm i.e. -70dBm is larger than -80dBm. In the same vein -6dB (for RSRQ) is larger than -10dB i.e. -6dB is a better RSRQ than -10dB etc. Google how to put your phone in ‘Field Test Mode’, it is Phone and Network Provider specific for instance for an iPhone connected to Vodacom in South Africa dial *3001#12345#* from your Phone (Tip: make sure to switch off Wi-Fi), Click the Right Hand Side Tab and find ‘Serving Cell Meas’; you will see various parameters and amongst those you will see RSRP, RSRQ and SINR.
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