Poynting Group continues to expand our team, adding breadth and depth to our areas of expertise. We are excited to introduce six new employees, who have already contributed to the company.
Welcome to the team 2020
Lihle Mtshali

Lihle Mtshali

Mechanical Design Engineer

I’m Lihle Mtshali and I’ve been appointed as the Mechanical Design Engineer in the R&D Department for Poynting Antennas.

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I am an efficient and dedicated Mechanical Design Engineer with almost 10 years’ experience in mechanical products design, always striving for innovative designs, solutions and processes with the desire to deliver efficiency at all times. I am here at Poynting to apply my skills inter alia; Improving design on current products to reduce manufacturing costs, designing and developing new products and providing production support, e.g.: assembly, test instructions and training.

When I’m not working, I love to keep fit with road running and hope in the near future I will also get my name in the finishers list of the comrades marathon. I also enjoy digital photography as it gets me to experience the outdoors and explore different cultures within our country.

Pieter Prinsloo

Pieter Prinsloo

Technical Marketing Engineer

Good day fellow ‘Poyntians’, my name is Pieter Prinsloo, your newly appointed Technical Marketing Engineer at Poynting Antennas.

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My career in Engineering started at the SABC. After completing my studies in Electrical Engineering (Light Current – as ‘Electronics’ was called then!) with a bursary from the same organisation. I started at the SABC Outside Broadcast Unit (or OB’s as it was called), where I eventually managed part of the OB rapid deployment Microwave Radio video link network of the then SABC.

Since then my career has taken me from (amongst many other exciting positions), Systems/Field Engineer at Hewlett Packard Scientific Test and Instrumentation Systems specializing in RF Spectrum Analysis, to being part of a team designing the first Synthesized Handheld Marnet Radio. I also designed and implemented large scale Fibre Optics Network Systems.

During the ‘90’s I Lectured (through a private training Company) a course, then known as, ‘A Comprehensive Course in Data Communications’. This was followed by design and implementation of Microwave Radio Networks for the Mobile Network Operators and most recently the design and optimisation of radio network systems for the Mining Industry.

My wife Laetitia and I enjoy travelling, keeping fit and experimenting with healthy eating. Before the ‘lockdown’ I visited my local Gym regularly, something I hope to start doing again very soon.

I have a son and daughter from a previous marriage and Laetitia has two daughters, also from a previous marriage. The attached photograph pretty much sums up home life; during a recent ‘photo shoot’ in our garden, our dogs (three Schnauzers) ‘insisted’ in being ‘in the picture’

My hobbies are pretty much closely related to my work. In my pastime I enjoy tinkering with Electronics and my latest project is programming single board computers such as Raspberry Pie’s and Arduino processors and some Home Automation ‘stuff’.

Having ‘known’ Poynting for years as a ‘customer’, I look forward to help grow our worldwide market share of all the exciting RF products the company designs and manufacture including new products we may envisage for the coming decade and beyond.

Rain Joubert

Rain Joubert

Graphics Animator

Hello. I am Rain Joubert, the newly appointed Graphics Animator in the Poynting marketing team. I have a BA Honours in Film Arts.

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In simpler terms, I specialise in Filmmaking, Animation and Design. I hope to use my skills in the industry to showcase everything that Poynting has to offer. I finished my studies at The Open Window Institute in 2015 and have been gaining experience in the industry through freelance and contract work in a variety of settings. I have worked with various media-houses in regards to content creation, ranging from animation, film, graphic design and creative/design/film consulting. I hope to use my experience in Multimedia Production to help grow Poynting during this time of expansion.

I grew up in Durban, moved to Gauteng to study, and now live with my partner of 5 years and our three kitties in Centurion. Being creative at heart, I enjoy many artsy hobbies, ranging from drawing, cosplay, sculpting, videogames, anime, film/ television and reading. I am Vegan (for the animals), and I am a firm believer in animal rights, equality and living an ethical lifestyle.

I am very excited and looking forward to working at Poynting, among so many friendly and helpful people. I am sure we are going to do some amazing work together.

Eben Wepener

Eben Wepener

Industrial Designer

Hi, my name is Eben Wepener and I am new to the Poynting Antennas team, I am a qualified Industrial designer and will be responsible for the design of the style and visual impact of antennas.

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I studied Industrial Product Design at Open Window in 2014 and is proud to say that I still love my profession. Every day is such an exciting experience with new challenges that can be solved and learned from.

I enjoy the ideation stage of a design project and this is where my love and passion lays for product design. From the creation of realistic / unrealistic ideas – the escaping moment of imagining crazy looking things – to various idea concepts. Consuming all those ideas to bring the design back to reality and to create the best looking and most practical product.

PS: This is way they call us engineers with ponytails!

After hours I am always keen for an adventure, either it may be mountain biking, trail running, quad biking or spending time with friends and family.
I have a soft spot for sculpture art and furniture design, I appreciate the fine detail to shape, finishing touches and surface detail.

Having a laugh is always fun for me!

Joining the Poynting team makes me a proud employee to become part of this international quality brand product. I am looking forward to all the new design opportunities and working together with the team to deliver world class products to our customers!

“Precision creates perfection”

Ashton Naidoo

Ashton Naidoo

Electronic Hardware Developer

Hi, my name is Ashton Naidoo, I am the new electronic hardware developer for FibrePoynt. I have an electromechanical background…

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I have an electromechanical background and worked as an electromechanical product developer for 7 years prior to joining the FibrePoynt team. I am excited to be a part of the FibrePoynt team and I am keen to explore and help develop innovative concepts and ideas in the RF space.

I enjoy learning about new technologies, innovations and developments in the Industry 4.0 space. It’s a great time to be alive, watching technology reach into realms that were previously reserved for the movies. My other interests include mountain biking, music and road rage.

My time at FibrePoynt so far, has been interesting and a great learning experience. I am looking forward to future challenges and possibilities and I am determined to make a positive impact whilst growing with the company.

Riaan Ferreira

Riaan Ferreira

RF Engineer

Hi my name is Riaan Ferreira and I’m a RF Engineer that recently started working at the Poynting Delta division of Poynting Antenna. During my final year of my undergrad degree…

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During my final year of my undergrad degree, I was inspired by my professors Prof Odendaal and Prof Joubert to specialise in antenna and RF circuit design.

Since then I have finished my Master’s degree in Antenna Engineering (with distinction) from the University of Pretoria. For the last 5 years I have been working at Poynting’s sister compony Alaris Antennas. My working experience there was mostly in Direction finding systems design and implementation.
I am now married for about a year and a half with a baby on the way.

I am grateful for the opportunity at Poynting and looking forward to taking on the technical challenges ahead.

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