Pre-quotation TC’s

Ripple Notice: We are allowing pre-quotations on Ripple since the demand is exceeding our expectations. This will have the advantage of you firstly booking first production units and secondly will allow us to adapt first batch volumes to better meet market demand.

  1. quotation is based on provisional TS document. Any client who have placed a pre-quotation will be informed of any changes in specification and if such changes lowers specifications will have a 1 week opportunity to cancel the pre-quotation.
  2. quotation is based on provisional pricing. Should final pricing be lower than the pre-quotation price the customer will be informed and enjoy the benefit of such lower final pricing. Should final pricing be higher the customer’s quotation at draft pricing will NOT be affected.
  3. The company is quite confident on the delivery dates provided for delivery of pre-quotations but these may vary by up to two months or more due to unforeseen problems in industrialisation or otherwise. The customer will be informed as soon as any changes in delivery dates become apparent to POYNTING Antennas and should those exceed 30 days longer will have an option to cancel or change quotation quantities while retaining his position in the queue. Should the product be ready in advance of the estimated delivery date the customer will have the option to accept earlier delivery or stay with pre-quotation delivery dates.
  4. The company does have the right to cancel quotations should any market, financial, technical or production issues demands such drastic step without any penalties or recourse to customers having placed pre-quotations. Please note that this situation is extremely unlikely and will only be done due to extreme circumstances but the company has to take some “unknown unknowns” into account with a product at this stage of maturity.
  5. Antenna outer finish may not be of same quality as final production units or renderings in draft spec. Customer will be informed/presented with any such material differences and will have the option to cancel such pre-quotation should any visual defects or variation from provisional spec be unacceptable to them.
  6. Note that both final product form, function, appearance and pricing may differ from those of pre-production units.
  7. Pre-production units may not have gone through all environmental, mechanical and similar tests done to qualify production units yet but full antenna testing will be done.
  8. Should any of the issues above result in failures or significant problems within any period of 2 years after receipt the company will at no cost to the customer provide improved parts or, if necessary, complete new products. POYNTING Antennas DOES NOT offer any compensation for consequential damage as result of such failures or problems during this period. Manpower and other costs associated with such replacement/repairs will also not form part of such replacements.
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